Our Moon


Friday night’s beautiful full moon brought to mind the many words and phrases we use the word “moon” in.  Here are some I thought of:

Moon Walk
Harvest Moon


Moon River

Lasso The Moon

Man In The Moon

The other Mooning

Blue Moon

To The Moon Alice!

Goddess of The Moon – Diana  (from Roman Greek Mythology)


Over The Moon


Many Moons Ago




I bet you’ve got at least one I failed to come up with…Tell me!


24 thoughts on “Our Moon

  1. Oh what an incredibly gorgeous shot…..the yellow stands out beautifully in the dark sky – WARM rather than the cool moon we usually see. I tried REALLY hard to come up with a “moon” you missed in your list but alas – I couldn’t!

    Pam (and Sam)


  2. You asked for it – you got it.
    Each full Moon of the year has its own name, most of which are associated with the weather or agriculture. The most common names used in North America include:
    January — Moon after Yule
    February — Snow Moon
    March — Sap Moon
    April — Grass Moon
    May — Planting Moon
    June — Honey Moon
    July — Thunder Moon
    August — Grain Moon
    September — Fruit Moon (or Harvest Moon)
    October — Hunter’s Moon (or Harvest Moon)
    November — Frosty Moon
    December — Moon before Yule
    What is a Blue Moon and when is the next one?
    Because the time between two full Moons doesn’t quite equal a whole month, approximately every three years there are two full Moons in one calendar month. Over the past few decades, the second full Moon has come to be known as a “blue Moon.” The next time two full Moons occur in the same month (as seen from the United States) will be August 2012. That will be Aug 31st!
    Beautiful photo!


  3. Moonspinners. Just finished the book by Sally Goldenbaum. Mary Stewart also wrote a book with that title. Beautiful pictures of the moon!


  4. I am a moon child…….love a full moon….harvest moon…….blue moon.

    Hot here……the lake is the big deal at this time…..half of Alberta is
    here enjoying the water as they all bring their boats.

    Thanks for thinking of me.


  5. “Goodnight Moon”, a great little children’s book by Margaret Wise Brown.
    A full moon is always sure to entrance us. Love your shot of it last Friday night.


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