Part Two–Recalculating

*Please, if this starts reading like a “Dear Diary” thing I hope you’ll forgive me.  I just needed to get it written down for posterity – Feel free to skim it and take in the pictures. ~d.


After our day on Mackinaw Island (see previous post if you haven’t already) and a quick stop at the grocery store up from the St. Ignace pier for something to grill, we made our way down the road about a mile to a sweet place called The Bear Cove Inn.

A few days prior I had made reservations here and this pictured above was our cottage/home for the night.  They call this particular place “The Bear Den”.  They have regular rooms too and one other cottage.

We opted to support a locally run business over a bigger motel/hotel chain because we think when you can, you should.  Plus, these folks, every year, support our favorite Pond Hockey team.


It’s, as someone else had said, “quirky” and it sleeps three couples or three men.  Or six men who are super tired and don’t care where they sleep.


This is the room that Jake stayed in.


I so loved all the birch branches they brought into the rooms.


This was our room.  I was so enamored with the bed (Dad…do you see this headboard?!) that I didn’t think to step back and get the whole room.  It was great.  The bed/mattress itself was to die for wonderful but I didn’t sleep that well for obvious reasons.

We woke the next morning at 5:30 and were on the road by 7:00 bound for Traverse City and Jake’s all day (not really all day) pre-op appointments.

MI Mit_thumb

It was to be about a two and a half hour drive from St. Ignace down to Traverse City.

However, an hour down the road and as we were beginning to pass through the awesome-I’m-so-going-back-town of Petoskey my cell phone rang.  It was the surgeon’s office lady – Mary.

Mary proceeds to tell me that Jake’s “appointment has been cancelled” and we “needed to reschedule it”.  The “doctor has an emergency surgery to do”.  I was dead-dog speechless.  Really.  When I found my voice I said, “We’re an hour and a half from you, what are you saying?  He can’t do it till the weekend?”  She said, “Well, no. He can’t do it till next week”.

She was all kinds of sorry and apologized quite a few times but it was no one’s fault.  No one plans to have emergency surgery and I told her as much.  I told her nothing of our leaving a day early how could I?  What would it matter anyway?

I was darn glad we did leave a day early because it’s not often this little family of mine goes off and does something non-hockey related or non-horse related.  Wait, it was still horse related, but that didn’t matter.

She wanted to reschedule right then and there and for a Monday pre-op visit with a Tuesday surgery.  Knowing full well Todd would still be at the state fair horse show in Indiana I told her that I needed to get Todd, who was ahead of me, to pull over so we could “discuss it”.  ‘Who was I kidding?’ I thought, I had to have a moment to let it all sink in.

I hung up with her and called Todd and said simply, “Find a spot and pull over”.  He matched my simplicity by saying, “Okay” and we hung up.  We ended up at a beautiful Lake Michigan waterfront park along the main drag, a lovely spot to take pictures but somehow picture taking wasn’t on my mind if you know what I mean.

Todd and I agreed that if they could do the pre-surgery nonsense a week from that day, Thursday, that would be best because he would be back from Indianapolis and we could all go over together and he could be there for the whole entire thing.

After a couple of phone calls, one back to Mary and one to cancel the lodging accommodations and then looking at the atlas to decide what direction to take to head back home, we followed each other around Petoskey looking for a place to have breakfast.

Yes, I said ‘atlas’.  We have a little GPS unit at our disposal but we/I use it mostly to find Starbuck’s Coffee places.  You see we’re both kinda old school and we’re trying to teach Jake how to read a map…plus the little suckers are wrong a lot.

Photo credit:

Having no luck, after a following Todd to a dead-end into a camp ground (someone’s bacon smelled real good there though) and then me taking the “follow-the-leader” role through downtown, we decided to go on south (it was along our route home) to the town of Charlevoix.  It was here where we had an awesome breakfast at the Edgewater Bistro over looking the town’s marina and a draw bridge that was letting sail boats in and out, to and from Lake Michigan.


We got “bridged” twice while in this town. That’s local lingo for getting stuck in traffic while the bridge is up.

It was also here that I not only had an out of this world, artichoke-spinach frittata topped with finely chopped tomatoes, red onion and feta cheese it’s where we, over that stellar breakfast, decided we should walk the in-progress farmer’s market down by the marina.

And it was while walking the marina we had the brain storm to rent a boat and play the day away on Michigan’s third largest lake, Lake Charlevoix.

Some Lake Charlevoix facts:

The surface area is over 17,200 acres and has 56 miles of shoreline.

Area: 26.87 square miles

Length: 13.2 miles

Width: 2.697 miles


This lake’s “feel” was very much like my home lake, Lake Pend Oreille.  I think it was partly the size with all it’s hidden bay’s and its irregular shape plus the “mountains”, Ahem…“hills” framing it that gave me that feeling.

On a side note:  I’m moving there as soon as I can get my crap packed.  Kidding.  Kinda.


Now that I’ve had some time to think about the whole deal I think my mom is right:  It was a gift.  Plus, it was also a mental/emotional practice run for next Thursday/Friday where we will this time around, drive straight over, in one truck, with no sight-seeing/side-trips.

And to be real honest part of me still can’t believe we mentally prepped for a couple of weeks to have the surgery not happen when we thought it would.  But I guess it’s like the GPS Lady always says when things start going off a set course, “Recalculating” and that’s exactly what we did with really great memories collected along the way.


16 thoughts on “Part Two–Recalculating

  1. Well, remember that “all things happen for a reason” – you guys sure had a lot of fun while in the throes of distracting yourselves from the surgery……emergencies can definitely throw a monkey wrench into the works when it comes to surgeons’ schedules too – I have been a “victim” of that very thing myself a time or two. Anyway, loved the photos and indeed you made a lot of grand memories along the way………….Consider it a “gift” disguised as a delay!

    Pam (and Sam)


  2. Moms are usually right, you know: it was a gift, for sure! What a wonderful time the three of you had. But I can just imagine how upsetting it was to be all “hyped up” to get Jake’s pre-op and surgery over and done, and then have a setback. But, this way, Todd will be able to be right there with you, and that’s a plus!
    Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for sharing your memories with us!


  3. Sometimes we don’t even realize how tightly we were holding ourselves in anticipation of surgery till we find out that it’s not happening. I’m sorry for the abrupt change in plans but am thankful that you all tried to make the best of it … and I’ll bet it felt good to take a deep breath and wander around a little. Not for anything but teaching Jake to not only read a map but also to learn how to navigate life’s little detours are both valuable lessons that he will draw on far into the future.

    Prayers for strength and patience in the days to come … MJ


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