Not Your Grandpa’s Hospital Food


I can only assume most of you have experienced it or have at least heard that hospital food just isn’t what it used to be. 

The food here at the Munson Medical Center in Traverse City has been very good and with an extremely wide variety of choices.  {Think sushi friends…and pork stir fry!}


It wasn’t until this morning, over a beautiful pear muffin, dusted with coarse sugar did it occur to me that hospital food has had an extreme make-over.


Mmmmm…Mmm!  Went real good with the coffee that was offered too. 

*Note:  Much as we’ve enjoyed the menu here we hope to be going home today.  We should know soon.  Meanwhile, I’m going to get more coffee and work on that Manor post.


8 thoughts on “Not Your Grandpa’s Hospital Food

  1. Hope by the time I send this Jake you are on your way home. Oh that is SO VERY VERY NOT the food we have experienced lately. Ask the ones that sat with me in the hospital and they will also tell you that was a far cry from what we had. Even the hospital that I volunteer at, that is large and up coming hospital has I think the most unhealth food. I can’t believe they even offer it. It sounds like that if you had to be there, it really was a good place to be.


  2. Hopefully you’re home when you’re reading this and if not, at least on your way! I’m sure Jake will be happy to sleep in his own bed tonight…….last time I was a patient in a hospital there was no way the food would have been in the “sushi/pork-stir-fry/pear muffin” category. Think more along the lines of bland jello and meatless meatloaf! LOL

    Pam (and Sam)


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