The Horses of Glenview –”Harley”



Harley hails from the Canadian prairie of Western Saskatchewan and came to us as a very “green” three-year old.  He’s seen many a horseshow in his four years with Glenview and has learned a great deal not only about road life but about people too. 

You see, this one blue-eyed, one brown-eyed horse roamed the vastness of the ranch he was born and raised on until they pulled him out of the herd and off pasture as a two year old to train.  People in the draft horse business understand and accept that these Western Canadian horses are relatively “wild” because apart from vaccinations/deworming or seeing the feed wagon (at a safe distance) human interaction is almost non-existent.

I personally like this philosophy of allowing horses to be “horses” their first year couple of years.  I feel it teaches them to be self-sufficient, savvy, tough and agile.  I own a Quarter-Horse that this type of “life-schooling” was applied to and he’s awesome…Harley is no exception.




2,050 pounds


7 years


Active and on the Show Roster.

Position(s) Held In The Hitch (Team):

Left swing in the Six-Horse Hitch.  Junior and/or Ladies Cart.  Right Wheel of the Unicorn.


Jake’s Description of Harley:

“He’s one of those horses that if he was human would be the strong, silent-type; he never has much to say.  Probably would also be the kind of guy that’d wear a cowboy hat and chaps”.

Harley’s Favorite Song:

“Oh Give Me A Home Where The Buffalo Roam”


*Sorry, I haven’t any current photo’s of Harley.  Both pictures, from January 2011, are one in the same…just different processing and cropping.  Lately, every time Jake and I go out to get his picture he’s had his legs oiled and sulfured….not the best look for a Clyde.  And oh, look…his legs don’t show in these images anyway.  I’m brilliant, I know.  Don’t you love his dapples though?  I’m a sucker for dapples…and the strong, silent type.


16 thoughts on “The Horses of Glenview –”Harley”

    1. Dapples are a cluster of circular markings that have a different shade, tone, or color from the rest of the horse’s coat.
      Schedule for fall is slowly filling in and the colors are beginning to change…hurry up and get here. ;) Come up through Lansing the weekend of October 19th and you guys can see the horses in action in the show ring!


      1. Ooh!!! That would be so much fun! Didn’t you say that the ferry to (is it Mackinaw??) only runs part of the year? Will it still be operating then? I’ve gotta get Motor Man on the ball here!


        1. Seems like they stop running the end of October. My mom and I were there one year at Halloween and everyone (but the people who live there year around, which isn’t many) were pulling up stakes. It was quite the site! All the horses (all but the private ones) come off too by ferry barge (of course), I’d like to see that.


  1. Harley is gorgeous……the dapples are subtle but “there” and quite fetching! He’s a beaut but then they ALL are….I love how he’s looking over his shoulder at the camera – purrrrfect subject!

    Pam (and Sam)


    1. I loved how he was looking over his shoulder at me too. I was passing by in the truck on my way to go get Jake from school one very cold afternoon…I always thought he kinda had that “Move along. Nothing to see here” look in his eye. Haha.


  2. How neat is that?!
    I’ve only known one other Harley in my life. He’s an Amishman in Indiana who sold us his back hayfield that we built our house on. That was a few years before we moved up here to Michigan.


  3. He’s truly beautiful! I really love draft horses, and I love the philosophy you share of letting them “grow up on their own” first. Great post! Visiting from Dianna’s blog!


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