A September Morning


As the fog was lifting this morning I started my grocery list.  Fun, fun.

Grocery Shopping” – Not a fan.


I get distracted easily as you can plainly see.


Today is Jake’s first day of his Sophomore school year (I know we start late around here) and this was the obligatory 1st Day of School photo a few hours ago.


“Wait Jakey, while Mommy tries to get you going out the driveway…Jake!!!”


This is me running barefoot across the cold wet grass, click, click, clicking…and this is also him getting the “[Blank] out of Dodge”.

It’s the second year he’s driven himself to school and it ain’t any easier than it was last year…for me either.  Poor child.  He probably was praying to God I wasn’t gonna follow him to school so I could snap pictures of him parking in the student parking lot.

I need to add Kleenex to the grocery list.


19 thoughts on “A September Morning

  1. Being distracted is a wonderful thing (fog offers such great opportunities) and I am glad I am not the only mom who insists on 1st Day Pictures. First days of university, first days of new jobs, first time canning and so on and so on. My family is grown and gone from home but they still humor me. Sometimes surprising me with a “first picture” that I didn’t know was going to happen.


  2. Love the foggy shot! I think it’s sweet that you captured Jake’s “first day” smile for posterity and I’d say from his expression he didn’t mind the picture-taking session one bit!!

    Pam (and Sam)


  3. Shoot! We didn’t do any first day of school photos. We’ll have to fake it another day, I guess. As for that second photo of yours – wow. I’d worry about you if a scene like that wasn’t a distraction.


  4. Thanks. I will not miss all that grass. I’m pretty much “done” with mowing for the year if you know what I mean! :) Great visual of your boys scrambling into the truck before you could get a picture – too cute.


    1. Well and me yours Cary! But I guess that is what summers are for – doing all that stuff we can’t do in winter!
      Isn’t that flat bed just the coolest? Jake loves it, of course and highly recommends it. Pretty handy…you should on your next one;)


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