Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

I’ve got three examples of “Near and Far” for this weeks theme.  I couldn’t decide so I figured, what the heck. However, I have since learned, by reading the comments and viewing the other submissions this week, that the folks at WordPress would “prefer” our photo entries be taken after they announce the theme.

Oooh ooookay.  Fine.   I guess it does say “challenge” doesn’t it?


North Bench area – Bonners Ferry, Idaho – Early Spring



Northwest hay pasture – Harrisville, Michigan – January Evening



Long Bridge – Sandpoint, Idaho – Morning in late August


Promising to come up with new material next week,



17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

  1. So I’m not supposed to go back and find an old photo that fits? Oops. I’m with Dianna though – challenge schmallenge. I’d be happy to help you out by taking that middle shot off your hands and claiming it as my own. You know, because then you wouldn’t have three. Er, yeah. That’s a gorgeous scene.


  2. Oh Dee those are just plain gorgeous shots……you know me – I’m with everyone else on the “challenge/schmallenge” thing! By the way, your header even qualifies as a “near and far away” shot!! :D

    Pam (and Sam)


    1. Thanks Pam. At first I had six shots in my post but deleted three, I was thinking, “overkill”. While digging for examples I realized I take a lot of near and far. I suppose it’s because I just love landscapes! Yes, I guess the header does doesn’t it? ;)


  3. These pictures are just beautiful! I think these pictures fit under many challenges! These pics have perfect colors the seasons are known for! But, the thing that attracted my eyes was the winter-fun category image along with its quote in the sidebar! Even that could come under “Near and Far” :)


  4. “ooooohhhhhhh”…… Lol… That said it all for me. Which do you think is my fav….yep the railroad tracks… Love the pebble detail and the crispness of the tracks and the winding of the metal and and…This blog makes my day. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with me.


  5. Hello, Dianna! Thanks for subscribing to Full Cry: A Hound Blog! I came over to check out your blog, and, wow, am I ever glad I did! It’s just … beautiful! The snow in the pasture is my favorite, along with the snowy timber shot above the great J. Willard Marriott quote. Delighted to find you, and thanks again for finding us!


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