The Horses of Glenview –”Ben”


This is “Big Ben”.


Ben…he’s quite possibility my boy’s favorite horse.


I think the feeling is mutual…


I think maybe it’s because Jake at 6’2” and Ben at 18.3hh they’ve got the height thing in common.

Let’s face it, neither one are vertically challenged.


Or maybe because Jake is a softy.  Case in point…after a “grueling photo shoot” the boy took pity on him and let him do a little well deserved grazing.


Whatever the reason, they’re good bud’s.


18.3 HH


2,100 pounds


7 years


Active and on the Show Roster.

Position(s) Held In The Hitch (Team):

Right wheel in the four, six and eight horse hitch.


Ben does an excellent llama impression.


And camel impressions too.  He also loves to eat and give hugs to anyone who’s willing to stop by his stall and get one of his famous squeezes.


I think Ben has unusual markings…


Uh…everywhere.  Like his tattoo? – Just preserving his modesty.

Okay not really, but for the sake of some of you who aren’t livestock/horse folks I thought the John Deere logo/tattoo over “an area” was the thing to do.


And on that note…we’ll say “catch ya later”.


16 thoughts on “The Horses of Glenview –”Ben”

  1. Ben and Jake both look great in the photos! As you say – they view life from a similar height (!) and both have quite nice smiles and a bit of mischief in their eyes :D. I just love hearing about the horses…they are BEYOND magnificent……..really.

    Pam (and Sam)


  2. I read this with my Anna. Her comments: “Wait. Big Ben is eighteen feet tall?” (I started to ask my wife – a one-time horse person – what hh meant, but Anna suddenly remembered.) “Whoa! He does a good giraffe impression!” When I read to her that he ‘gives hugs to anyone who’s willing to stop by’, she asked, “The horse?” And then giggled.


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