Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life


Every now and then I find a picture on my camera that I didn’t take.

They’re usually of the dog or one of the barn cats.  But this one, just the other day, squeezed my heart.  It will be my submission for this week’s theme, “Everyday Life” because, well, it most certainly is part of my everyday life.

Everyday life is good.


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

  1. How sweet is that! I have little snippets of paper that Marshall wrote notes like this on when he was a little boy. They tug at your heart – no matter how many years ago they were written!


  2. Dee, I’m SOO far behind on reading blogs, but this morning I decided that I just needed to try and catch up and I just clicked on this particular one. “Almost tear up” I did tear up! There are no other 3 words that are as powerful! The Whole family has always known that Jake is one of a kind and here is just another reason for that thinking. Jake, you truly are amazing. Thank you for the smile that you put on my face this morning.


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