Not A Wordless Wednesday


Last Wednesday or maybe it was the Wednesday before, I was standing at the sink after dinner, gazing out the window, rising dishes for the dishwasher (the appliance, not the human variety) and I noticed that it looked as if the sky was getting pretty to the west.


Never being one to let a good sky go to waste (I know there are quite a few of you that can relate to this), I left the confines of the kitchen with its domestic chores and traded it for my camera sitting nearby on the dining room table.  I proceeded out the sliding glass door, across the deck and down towards the barn and corrals.

*Note:  The empty corrals should have been a heads up for me – but I hadn’t clued in at this point.


The setting sun wasn’t making the sky near as dramatic as I had hoped.  But…


A few minutes of standing around and it was a little more dramatic than I was comfortable with. 

It was on my sprint for the house when it dawned on me that the corrals were empty and the reason why.  Obviously, they’d kept the horses in for the night because they’d heard about a lightening/thunderstorm on its way. 

So, while I didn’t “get the weather memo” it’s important to note that I didn’t get hit by lightening and I did get away from the dishes…for a little while anyway.


12 thoughts on “Not A Wordless Wednesday

  1. Great shot of the lightening! I have waited for hours and taken hundreds of shots and couldn’t get one that nice. Glad you got inside ok! But what a cool adventure!


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