I Missed You–Welcome Back!


We, Jake and I, in between rain showers and blue skies, just finished yanking out the summer flowers and plunking in the fall mums.  And while we didn’t intentionally set out to do this task on the first official day of fall, I feel as though it sure put a punctuation mark on the day.

Oh how I missed you Fall, it’s so good to have you back!

Happy First Day of Fall 2012 Everyone!


9 thoughts on “I Missed You–Welcome Back!

  1. Great shot…….I LOVE mums – I’ve had some yellow ones blooming ALLSUMMER and they’re still doing their thing. Every year they come back from nothing and bloom their hearts out – gotta love something that does that! Happy Fall……I’m more than ready.

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


  2. Fall is such a beautiful time for you guys – you really do get the most fabulous colours and seasons. It’s far milder here, so not quite the dramatic change but we are enjoying the beginnings of blossoms and colours as Spring hits the air. Happy Fall!


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