Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary


This weeks theme at WordPress was “Solitary”.  I figured what better than a picture of Max enjoying the sunrise yesterday over the front, freshly cut (3rd Cutting, Yahoo! – Amen) hayfield all by himself.

I bet you’ve no doubt noticed a “theme” of my own going on here with just one picture here and one picture there lately.  Well, I have a reason, well many, and soon I will get back to my normal posting of picture excess.  That’s a warning to you, you that have enjoyed my one-shot posts with little to no words.

As of late, we’ve gotten a light “frost on the pumpkin” a few times.  My fears back in August of our Fall color starting early I believe are coming true, but maybe not by too much.  And just to show you what I mean…


I said to my husband yesterday when we were driving around checking fields that THIS, this right now, is my favorite time of Fall color not peak.  When it’s peak, to me, it’s over.  But he hears this from me every…single…year.  I know I repeat it to the point of annoyance, I know it but I can’t help it!  It’s just so dang pretty!!

I did not grow up with all this insane color.  Being from the Northwest, I grew up with only the gold’s of the Aspen and Birch leaves contrasting with the pine trees.  And although that was gorgeous, all captivating-like, soaring up to the heavens on the mountainsides or seeing a curtain of gold-yellow leaves flying up behind you in your rear-view mirror as you roar down a twisted road, I’m so thankful every year when Fall rolls around that I live here to witness this!


Fall rocks in the Mid-West to the point it’s almost painful people! 


More later when I get a handle on my damaged eyes.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

  1. Oh Dee your maples are simply GORGEOUS….I’m with you on “peak” vs. “pre-peak”…..the colors are just so vibrant JUUUUUUUUUUUUST when they’re starting to turn. These are glorious shots – those of us who adore Autumn know just what you mean about that feeling that comes over you when you see the beauty. Max looks mighty happy watching over the mist over the field…..that crisp air feels mighty darn good!

    Pam (and Sam)


    1. Yes, Max and I, we “understand each other” when it comes to those lower temperatures and that impending four letter word: SNOW! We had a little “conversation yesterday morning about it being right around the corner. ;) We’re both giddy with excitement to once again lay in the middle of the snowy driveway while the snow comes down on us!!!


  2. Just drove through “God’s Country” … If I could have pulled over without getting smucked I would have had many more beautiful photos today … instead I let my eyes drink in the beauty … is it me or are the Maples particularly vibrant this year? Maybe that was a good result of that terrible drought?


    PS I love Max.


  3. Beautiful pictures dee as always. They have moved us into the severe drought now on this side of the twin cities and they are telling us that because of the severe part we are not going to have as brillant colors, alto it is quite beautiful now. Really loved the pictures.


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