Fall In Progress


Have you heard of an photo editing program called “Snapseed”?  I downloaded the free demo version Sunday and I think I am now addicted.  All the pictures in this post are my first attempts at post processing with it.  No doubt you’ll probably see what I did:  I went a bit overboard here and there.  But over-all, I think I may like it enough to buy it.  At $20.00 it’s tempting. 

*And no, this is not a paid advertisement for “Snapseed”.  I have to say that when it’s true right?  Okay, it’s been said.



There are many “effects” at the click of a button that can turn an ordinary picture into a dramatic one.



Like this shot of the front hay field last week…this is the “before”.



This is the “after”.  I could have easily “backed” the degree of intensity down but I was having too much fun!



Another “before”.



And “after”.  I didn’t get near as crazy with this one but I love how I can still see the field with its windrows better.



The Harvest Moon on September 29th, 2012.



I used “Details” and “Drama” to this round bale shot.



Here I used the same but added the “Tilt Shift” adjustment.  Notice how it made the foreground and background even more blurry leaving the round bale sharp?



On the same picture I used “Vintage”.   Not as crazy about this one but it’s okay.



I love that tree in the background. 



It can be seen from different locations on the farm and I just love how the variation of color presents itself.   I’ve come to think of this particular tree, maybe due to its shape, as a Roman Candle firework doin’ it’s thing…only in slow motion.



I bet you didn’t know that we have a ‘herd’ of turkeys here on the farm.  Well, more like they have us.  They make about two complete laps everyday around the entire place ending up at the horse paddocks for the night – they really dig roosting on the fences I think.



They’re kinda neat to watch; the way the spread out and feast on bugs and such, a bit like “Search and Rescue” team.  Except in their case it’s a “Search and Feast”.

Speaking of feast…in this shot they’ve passed by my son’s make-shift hunting blind.  It’s all been taken down now, but a couple of weeks ago when this picture was taken, my boy got his first ever deer.  I think a collective sigh could be heard from our whole family as I texted out pictures of him and his deer-kill. 



You see, Jake has been trying for years to get the “perfect” deer.  He didn’t want to take down just anything for the sake of shooting something (he’s a good boy and a raised-right-non-trophy hunter). 

Case in point, all summer, in the herd of 20+ deer that occupies our front field, there has been one four point (ok, 8-point if you’re from the Midwest) buck that has a broken front leg.  It was that one that he had his eye on.  A humane gesture for sure, as one could tell from looking through the binoculars days before the Michigan Junior Hunt that the poor guy just wasn’t “healthy looking”.  He was thin and just didn’t look “right”…you could just tell, you know?  Anyway, he could not get a good shot on him and another eight point, a four year old buck (not a doe mind you which Jake would have been more than satisfied with) kept coming closer and then turned sideways. 

Venison, it’s what’s for supper from now till…?  February? 

By the way, deer meat enchilada’s…very good!  They may count their points on the antlers different out here but I have give it to them on the taste of the venison in these parts.  Meals of nothing but alfalfa, corn and soy beans makes for a deer that tastes way different than the ones out west that have been grazing on brush, plus Jake’s deer hadn’t entered the “rut season” – so that helps immensely right there.



As far as feasting on turkey?  We’re going to pass on that.



Meet Gerdy my guinea hen.



Okay, no.  She’s not mine.  I’m not even entirely sure she’s a she.  This lovely guinea has wandered in here to the farm from I don’t know where and makes laps with the turkeys at a safe distance.  No one seems to know what farm/residence she’s escaped from.  I think she’s lonely and I hope she stays forever.  She gets in my shrub beds and eats bugs and I’ve loved that.  I think I want a flock of them.  However, after recent research online, when I was trying to figure out by pictures if she’s a he or a she, I have determined that they are pretty darn loud and obnoxious.  As a single bird her “calls” don’t bother me a bit..but more than one?  Probably pretty intense.



Out on Poor Farm Road headed back to the farm – Harrisville, Michigan.  I used the “Drama” and “Details” adjustments.



“Tansy” or better known as “Golden Yarrow”.  This stuff is evil and will destroy a hay-field if you let it.  This was growing in the ditch on Poor Farm Road and those are the neighbors round bales in the distance.  Tansy is pretty – when it’s not growing in one’s horse hay.  I used the “Vintage” adjustment on this picture and I like it here.



This view right here, off our front lawn, the very backdrop of the front hay-field and the gorgeous view out my front windows is one of the biggest reasons that Fall in Northern Michigan is my utmost favorite time of year. 



Not even Idaho can call me away when it looks like this.  Please don’t tell Idaho.



This is the view out the tractor window when I was cutting a field a couple of days ago.  What a spot to build a house – a soul can see forever.



In this shot I’ve amped the “drama” up too much but you can see the colorful trees in the distance better.



This is Rita.



Or maybe Roxy.  My guess is she doesn’t have a name though.  She’s part of a small herd on a piece of ground just west of the farm and I loved how she was looking at the camera.

I’d love it if she’d wander over to the farm here and insert herself into the front field…I’d take her picture all…day…long.

So that’s it…As always, thanks for letting me share!



25 thoughts on “Fall In Progress

  1. Great pictures. Good to hear Jake got a deer, all-be-it not the intended. Nothing like a little venison on the table. Snapseed is a wonderful tool – with the awesome pictures you take, have you tried a program called Superimpose? I think you would have some fun with it.


  2. Oh Dee what great photos! Love the different effects you used on them too…..I keep forgetting that I can do a bit of that with the software that came with my digital – I tend to take what I get and not manipulate much except once in a while adjusting the color. The guinea hen is cute – lovely feather pattern….don’t know much about them but I like her “hat” ! Gorgeous vistas…..really.

    Pam (and Sam)


  3. Every time I thought I had a “favorite” picture in this post, you came up with one I liked even better! And I think you may have sold me on the Snapseed program…amazing what you can do with that…!


  4. Amazing! Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to check this out. I have to admit, I’ve digressed to using mostly my iPhone 4S camera…hardly pull out my digital camera any more, mostly because I always have my phone on me, and at the ready. I’m excited to try this program…maybe it can make my photos look as wonderful as yours! ~ Sheila


    1. I noticed on their site that “there’s an app for that”. :) Five bucks. Maybe there are ones far better for the iPhone – not sure. I realize I’m stating the obvious here but…Cell phone cameras are only get better for the one reason you describe.


  5. Your fall pics are awesome. I made one my background photo – which is saying a lot because it took the place of Ella on her first bday!!!!


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