Color Disease

I sat down here tonight to being going through my pictures, deciding what I wanted to share first from this very busy, fun and most wonderful past week that my mom has been here in Michigan with us and I realized I was missing something…well two something’s:  Her and my camera card.  You see she left this afternoon (boo hoo) and she has that card in her lap top computer (more boo hoo).  Last night I was copying and pasting some pictures she wanted from my camera card into her laptop hard-drive and I went and left that card in her computer.  Then she went and left.  The nerve.

I just texted her telling what I had done and she said, “Come and get it”.

So since that’s not going to happen I’ll just share a conglomeration of shots taken from my new cell phone.  Yup, new.  It’s just an iPhone 4 but baby, it was free.  “Free”…one of my favorite words.  So I guess the secret is out: I’m cheap.  But at least this way I could justify it soooo much easier. 

Okay…on to the pictures…




Last Tuesday I was sent on a farm errand but first I needed to stop at a field where Todd was round-baling hay.  I love round bales.  I love it more when the round baler works; sadly on this day it was not.  “Billy The Baler” was being bad.  We were able to borrow a neighbors baler and don’t neighbors just rock or what?!  Thanks Dewey!  Oh and Dewey?  You need to know I named your baler.  It’s Helga.



On my way back to the farm I “had to” stop and photograph this sign.  I found it pretty funny and posted it on my Facebook page saying something like, “Uhhhh…really?  Think my horses and I will pass, thanks”.  It caused a bit of conversation that’s for sure. 



This too was last week.  I was trying to decide, via the couch parked in the middle of the kitchen, what I could manage to make for dinner.  I had the carpets cleaned late in the day (only appointment I could get) and the couch occupied the kitchen until the next morning while the carpet dried completely.  Having it done was a year overdue.  We’ve decided that living on a farm, there’s never the perfect season for having the carpets cleaned.  Oh, I made popcorn for dinner that night. 



This is “drive by shooting” with a point and shoot cell phone…the best kind of shooting, obviously.

*This is the best of about fourteen tries at a non-blurry picture, or I should say ‘the least blurriest picture’ and I got a birch tree! 



Our railroad crossing at Harrisville.  Look at how uneven the rails are…it’s no wonder the train goes through here uber slow.



On Lake Huron…



hunting for Petoskey and Charlevoix stones with my mom.



Fun fact: I submitted this picture I took Monday to Pure Michigan’s Instagram account and they selected it to feature on their blog today!  I’m still giddy about it.  What an honor!



This is Todd and Ben around 10 a.m. as my mom and I were making our way out of the farm for the airport.



Ben, Todd and the rest of the show horses left this morning for the Great Lakes Draft Horse Show down in Lansing.



Harley and Todd headed up the ramp.

Jake and I will catch up with them sometime tomorrow, hopefully before the Six-Horse Hitch class.  Click the link if you’ve forgotten what that looks like.  It’s the most popular, crowd pleasing class of them all.  Plus whoever wins it has serious bragging rights…until the next show that is.



This is my mom’s plane taking off.

  Our airport up here in Alpena has a spot for vehicles to park and watch the planes come and go.  It was the first time I utilized it, I wasn’t exactly a hurry to get home, though I had plenty I needed to get accomplished on such a sunny day.



Today, driving home from the airport.

*FYI:  As I’ve told you all before, I do not look when I take pictures while driving, I just snap.  This is picture # 11 of 37 frames.



I didn’t make it back to the farm very fast. 



My truck kept stopping but not for deer.



*That darker slip of blue in the background is Lake Huron.

No, it kept stopping…



for all this….






crazy color! 



And then, when I got home, I was plagued with the same problem. 

I think I may have contracted a disease.


25 thoughts on “Color Disease

  1. Hmm….a disease huh? You mean the old “I can’t help myself – I gotta stop and take a pic of all this gorgeousness” disease? Yah….I’ve got it too. I just love the shot that was used on the “Pure Michigan” blog – it’s got it all. I’m sure you miss your Mom after such a nice visit – AND miss your camera card but you did GREAT with your new phone! Of course!

    Pam (and Sam)


  2. Dee, you “outdo” yourself with every post. And with a cell phone???? The pic that “got me”, though, was your Mom’s plane leaving….. sniff.
    You’re so blessed to be able to spend time with her. But you already know that.


    1. Thanks Dianna. Yes, cell phone and I sure am liking it an awful lot.
      Because our airport is so tiny hers was the only plane not only on the tarmac but the only plane leaving that morning so there was no mistaking which plane was hers and seeing that plane actually fly through the sky away from here…ugh. I don’t think I’ll be doing that again anytime soon. ;) That’s just too much. On an upbeat note, I’ve been finding little notes from her all over the place. I love that!


  3. You caught the beauty of fall. I love the picture of you having a glass of wine and popcorn for dinner. Maybe I will do the same this week. Lord knows I could use both. The glass of wine and the carpets being cleaned.


  4. Have fun and good luck at Lansing. Hope you guys have the party, after the six horse hitch class.
    The last picture, I would love that one framed.


  5. I’m glad to know that I am not the only one who does popcorn for dinner occassionally. LOL. Your shots are divine but there is something about the last one that really speaks to me. Wonderful.


      1. p.s. glad you liked the picture. My goal this year, since I have that shot in “winter”, was to catch those trees in the spring, summer and fall. One out of three is better than none out of three I guess. Next year. :)


    1. iPhone is just way too much fun. “Helga The New Holland Baler” rocks. Not that I know diddly squat about balers but it’s become apparent to me why I see so many more of them than any other kind! Thanks for your comment Julie, have a great weekend.


  6. Congratulations for the Pure Michigan photo, D! I don’t normally wish disease on anyone (well, not anyone nice anyway), but I hope your affliction lasts a good long time.

    Hoping to run into you tomorrow –


    1. P.S. Hope to run into you guys too, if for some reason not, I hope you all have an awesome time! FYI: our stalls are on the northwest end of the barn and I’ve been hanging out along the rail on the north end of the arena.


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