Kodak Moments


Hi guys.  We’re back safe and sound from the Michigan Great Lakes show in Lansing.  Yesterday, I had great plans of sorting through literally hundreds of pictures taken over the past four days down there at the draft horse show.  But instead of being the much counted on rainy Monday to get that task (and a truck load of laundry) done, it ended up being relatively sunny and completely rain free.  It was the perfect opportunity to get yet more pictures!

Todd, because he couldn’t get in the fields yet to start harvesting soy beans (the ground was too wet), he and I did an almost all day photo shoot of the undefeated (in his division for the show year) “Extreme” horse.  Todd said to me, “Coming fresh from the show his legs aren’t going to get any whiter and his coat is only going to get fuzzier with winter coming on.  Let’s do this in case Mrs. Perkins wants to put his picture in the Clyde News (a draft horse publication) while there’s still a bit of fall color”.  How could I nix that?  I couldn’t and wouldn’t!

Above is the three (ok, four) of us having a Kodak Moment in the front pasture.  Jake had just come home from school and him and Todd grabbed their Glenview pullover sweatshirts for a yearly family portrait using up the last of the frames available on my camera card.  I don’t think it turned out too bad for an impromptu picture.

So stay with me…I’m workin’ on getting shots together from the show and will have something to share up real soon!


Extreme yesterday in photo location #6…We about covered the whole farm.

P.S.  No more picture taking for me for a while…I’ve not even shown you my highlight reel of when my mom was here and the adventures we had that much too short week.  I think I’m going to need a week of straight rain.


28 thoughts on “Kodak Moments

    1. I’m glad you like them. We drug that poor horse all over the place trying to find good color. It’s nice he likes being with people cause he seemed not to mind very much at all, well except when Todd kept adjusting him to keep his feet in “place”. ;)


  1. Oh Dee…..what wonderful photos of you and “the guys” ! Extreme sure knows how to pose for a photo and believe me, if I looked that fabulous, I’d enjoy posing too!! I think your family portrait shows so much pride, love, and “happy”……truly some grand Kodak Moments.

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


    1. “…over the mantle”…Well thank you and you know, I may just do that or at the very least get a print of it and frame it. I only wish we would’ve had time to grab the two horses (Smoke and Indy) that we do own and get them in the shot too! ;)


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