Wishing You Inner Peace

The view out our kitchen window tonight.

My Great Lakes horse show pictures are all sorted and some favorites are edited but my thoughts have not been on any of that. They have been and continue to be on nasty Hurricane Sandy that will be hitting a huge portion of the eastern seaboard very soon.

Be safe all my friends and family out that way. We wish you inner peace and calmness…We’ll be thinking of you.


13 thoughts on “Wishing You Inner Peace

  1. Aw….as one of those East Coast folks keeping an eye on that storm, I thank you for your thoughts. Pretty steady winds tonight (not too strong yet) and just light rain so far. Tomorrow night this time, things should be interesting….


  2. What a gorgeous sky……thanks for the special thoughts D…..we’re ready for whatever comes our way – as ready as you can get anyway. So far no rain here just a bit of wind but of course it’s not “here” yet either! It’s comforting knowing friends everywhere have all of us on the East Coast in their hearts though – I mean that!

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


    1. It was a very pretty sky here again here tonight.
      Hope you’re still doing well, we’re watching TWC and hear that we’re going to get some of those winds (though not near as strong as you guys) starting Tuesday…Ya, clear out here.
      Hang tight!


  3. We are very anxious to hear about this storm, as Mitch is going to be in it head on…from what they were saying. Donna and Justine just got back from there Monday, they came close to being in it or having to cancel. I am thinking they will move all the kids out of the university.


    1. Thanks Renee. Even though we’re far north west of all of it I understand we’re going to be feeling some strong winds long about Tuesday, course nothing like the East coast but I still find it remarkable that we’re gonna be feeling “Sandy” too. Weird. Aren’t you guys gonna have snow up in your mountains there?


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