Highlight Reel


Back when we still had color up in the trees…



and on the ground my mom was here for a visit.



This post contains some of my most favorite shots from that week.  Most are taken by me.  Those that aren’t, well…you’ll know it by the fact that they have me in them.  Ha Ha…and the photo credit goes to my Mom for those.

*Public Service warning:  Be prepared for a boatload of pictures.



The color was a tad past peak but I was thrilled that the leaves were still on the trees for her visit.



I introduced her to “Extreme”.  Ever the perfect gentleman he stood and posed quite a lot for her.



The trees stood real well too.  Ha. Ha.









My mom loves, LOVES looking for Petoskey stones on Lake Huron.  There aren’t too many people I’ve run across that can outlast me in the hunt for those beautiful pieces of fossilized coral but she can.






One day our Petoskey stone search took us to Hubbard Lake.  It’s an inland lake a few miles north of the farm.

Since this whole state, way back when, was under a salty sea, Lake Huron isn’t the only places to find them.  In the past I’ve even found one or two on the side of our driveway and while she was here she found one on the side of the road, miles from Lake Huron, when we pulled over to take pictures.



During her stay I took her to Traverse City.  I had in my mind that she had to see the old, repurposed State Hospital now called “The Commons”.   I just knew she’d love it.  She did.



Me taking a picture of…



The Munson Manor where we stayed when Jake had his lung surgery this past August.



Me taking a picture of…



The north end of the State Hospital.



The west side or back side of the structure.



North side again.



Beautiful fall foliage of Traverse City.



After spending the night in T.C. we drove up north to Charlevoix to have breakfast over looking the water.





It pretty much rained or drizzled the entire time, but we walked town anyway.  Ask me if it bugged us in the least.  It didn’t.  She’s such a great person to hang with!



After Charlevoix I took her to the town of Petoskey.  There was an art museum there that I had driven by in August when Todd, Jake and I blew through that town for Jake’s lung surgery appointment.  If you guys remember from a previous post, it was the appointment that didn’t happen when we ended up going boating instead in Charlevoix.



Anyway, I knew it would be the perfect place to investigate with my mom when she came to visit and it was everything I thought it would be and more.



Packed inside were hundreds and hundreds of pieces of local art displayed.

I also loved their choices in wall color.



Here too…I’m a sucker for butter yellow.



Lake blue.  Gorgeous.



After Petoskey, since she’d never been over the Mackinaw bridge, we decided we’d remedy that.  We had dinner in the town of Saint Ignace on the other side of it.  The other side of the bridge is what everyone out here calls the U.P. or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I showed her things over there like Moran Bay where the U.P. Pond Hockey Championship is held (it’s a yearly thing we love to go to in February, click link for detailed info) and the grocery store we would hit in between Jake’s hockey games amongst other little places we’d frequent while in town.

Oh yah.  She was impressed with the grocery store.  Why?  Cause it’s where my flowers are kept that my husband gave me not too long ago.  Yes, really, they’re right there in the refrigerated flower case inside the front doors.  They take care of them for me and always make sure there is a fresh supply incase I stop by.  I know, awesome.  And yes I went in.  I had to grab some cold medicine for an aggravating cough that was driving everyone nuts – mostly me and yes, my flowers looked perfect.

Fun fact:  People who live in the U.P. are called Yoopers.  Get it?  U.P.-er’s.  “Yoopers”.  Yah, silly huh?  Makes sense though.

I suppose the flower thing is silly too but you have to admit, it kinda makes sense too.



We did a lot of Huron beach walking rain or shine.

We must have gone at least three times.  If the weather had been a smidge better I think we would have been down there every day!



Here at the farm there’s always more than one photo op to take advantage of…



This is what she was taking a picture of.  Todd was taking the four out for their daily drive.



Nowadays, since show season is over and the show horses are turned out for the winter it’s more often than not it’s the grain semi coming down the driveway, back from dumping it’s load of corn down in Saginaw.

The previous picture is just a tad prettier…don’t you think?



I love this one too.

We were visiting in the living room while dinner simmered away in the kitchen and she jumped up and said something like, “OH my gosh!  Look!”.    It was Golden Hour in all it’s glory.  We grabbed cameras and ran outside.

My opening post picture was from this same night and that’s the resident flock of turkeys in the background.

I did a post on “Golden Hour” in 2011.  Check out the link above or click here if you haven’t already seen it and want to browse examples of what I learned a couple years ago:  There’s an actual name for two certain times of day…the thing photographers call “Golden Hour”.



On her last afternoon here Jake wanted to take her target shooting over at the farm’s “The West 80” property.

This above, is the four of us.  Well, our four shadows anyway.



Jake taking stock of what was to be used first.  He brought lots of different guns for her to try.



The woman is an awesome shot!  Oh my gosh.  This is her trying out some kind of rifle that I don’t recall the name of.  All I can remember is that it’s an AR something or other.  Such a cool moment where grandson can demonstrate to grandmother the gun safety he has learned and the knowledge he has gathered in handling so many different pieces of firearms.

I think it’s safe to say they both came away with being pretty impressed with each other.



Jake’s flat bed truck made a great staging area for all the ammo and such.



When we were done we walked around and picked up all the spent shells.


It hit me then…the little galvanized old Bud bucket got another use that week.



We laughed at the thought of what she would be doing a few days later at her next stop on her trip…the Florida beaches and shelling of a different sort!



It was good to have you Mama, thanks for making us part of your trip!

16 thoughts on “Highlight Reel

  1. It was so difficult reading this post…. with eyes blurry from the tears running down my face. I can’t say much more, I am all choked up – but you know I love you more than the mountains and more than the beach.


    1. Haha! I bet that wouldn’t go over too well round the homestead! ;)
      I have I tell you though, in all honesty, the Northeast color kicks butt on anything I saw growing up in the Rockies of North Idaho. But I’ll deny it if ever questioned. No I won’t ;) it’s so gorgeous out here in the fall it almost hurts.


  2. Aw (sniff, sniff), this is SO sweet. The pictures are beautiful, but I expect nothing else from you! And that Extreme is one gorgeous horse. Thanks for sharing your Mom with us!


  3. Oh Dee what a remarkable collection of photo memories and Fall scenes……looks like you had a grand visit with your Mom. Your photography is just stunning……..and full of love, joy, and real beauty. Thanks for sharing it with us on the outside looking in……….

    Hugs, Pam


    1. Thank you Pam, I really appreciate that. :) I wish with all my heart I wasn’t so far away from family but that’s the way it goes, luckily we don’t live in the 1800’s where once families were separated this far apart pony express mail was as good as it got…if it “got” at all. Lots to be thankful for. Always is. ;)


  4. It is all so clear now where your picture taking talent comes from. The pictures are beautiful, but they don’t compare to the beauty of your mother’s smile.


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