To The Men In My Life

Over the course of the past year the four main men in my life, my dad, father-in-law, my boy and now recently, my husband have all visited the inside of one hospital or another, sometimes multiple times. 


Everyone is fine.  And the fact that everyone is got me thinking when we were driving back from Traverse City the other day.  I was sitting there and a Tim McGraw song came on the radio.  You’ve heard of it I’m sure.  It was “Live Like You Were Dying”.  That song always makes me think of a girl named Stacy Westfall and the bareback/bridleless ride she did in 2006 at the Quarter Horse Congress to that very song.  It was a tribute to her dad who had recently passed.  I thought of that ride of hers, like I always do when I hear it and though no one near me has died, this time it just meant a little bit more.  I wanted to share it with you, in case you’d never seen it.  It’s…<sigh> amazing, she’s amazing, so is her horse.

You’ll see that the video is beautiful.  It’s powerful.  It gives hope.  It’ll probably make you bawl like a baby like it did me the first time I saw it.  It truly is flat out inspiring on many levels.  I hope, if you haven’t seen or heard of it, you’ll like it as much as I did.

Oh and…This is real deal riding people, all leg (butt, thighs and calves) pressure, weight and body positioning.  It’s people like her that inspires my riding.


*Unfortunately, you may have to click the link inside the box.  I’m sorry, I had trouble getting it to play in “Preview” mode and had to be taken directly to YouTube to view it.  If you experience the same thing please click the link: “Watch on YouTube”.


11 thoughts on “To The Men In My Life

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. What an amazing talent she has! Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ll never hear that song again that I don’t think of this video. Glad all your men are okay!


  2. One of my most Favorite videos…every time I watch it I get tears and deep emotion as it is truly beautiful and incredible…first came across it in 2007 and have it on my computer still….she is an incredible horsewoman…and Babydoll passed away this year I believe….beautiful horse and beautiful ride and tribute to her Dad:)


  3. Wow. This is a spectacular ride and yes, it made me cry. My husband put our horse Choco in a school this summer and he took lessons with him in learning to ride using leg pressure. We also learned things about signs to look for in the horse, such as the chewing I noticed right off of the bat with her horse. It is such an art form and we don’t have to ride like the old cowboys, kicking and beating our horses into submission. Just beautiful. I can’t wait to show this to him. I know the men in my life will appreciate it too. Glad yours are fine.


  4. What beautiful tribute to the four men in your life, and three of the same four men in my life. Yes we are blessed. What a beautiful song and spectacular ride. The horse was also unbelievable.


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