I Call This


Monday In A Fog



Canine Boredom



Right. Left. Repeat.



Ready For A Dusting.  {Of snow not driveway dust.}



Deer Can’t Read.  {See top wire for proof.}



Horse Hair & Pasture Grass Bird Bed.  {I almost stepped on this beautiful piece of work laying upside down while walking across the lawn.  Must’ve blew out of the trees nearby.  I wedged it back up in the nearest branch I could find.}



You Scratch My Shoulder/Withers And I’ll…Stand Still.



Easy On. Easy Off. {Tree Décor Courtesy of a Sixteen Year Old.}


15 thoughts on “I Call This

  1. Had to smile about the nest: I have a tiny one just like it, with an interior weaved out of the hair from every horse in the pasture. It sits on a shelf in one of our glass-fronted bookcases. Lovely. But my favorite of these pictures was the first one. Love, love your blog.


      1. Now I’m going to have to go take a picture of it and use it on the hound blog just so you can see it. Now that the leaves are off the trees and the hedges around the barn, we can see all the tiny, hidden nests here and there–I just love that. This weekend I’m planning to go inspect a few. Amazing, indeed.


  2. Oh what great photos Dee…..That first one is a “real beaut” for sure but they’re ALL wonderful and quite smile-worthy……nice way to launch the holiday season (although for you I’m sure SNOW would be even better!!). That nest is amazing….



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