Are you guys ready for Christmas? 

Are your lights up?

Did you get a tree and if so is it decorated?

Is your shopping done?

Have you made a bunch’a cookies? 

Been baking up a storm?

Are your halls decked?

Am I stressing you out?




Pay no attention to me.  The outside decorating and tree are up here but that’s about it.  Oh, and don’t ask if the tree has anything on it other than lights because it doesn’t.



Hey, I’m totally okay with it all…I’m not in a rush.  I’ve learned through the years to do these things as the mood strikes me and not as items to be checked off my list as fast as I can.  Well, except for 98% of the gift shopping that has to be wrapped, boxed and shipped out of state.  Even still, I’ve learned to step back, enjoy these traditions we do and not rush through them thereby missing the essence of it all.  Hey, works best for me.  Besides, it’s early yet…for now.



Enjoy the moments.


14 thoughts on “Ready?

  1. Let’s see:
    Love the crocheted snowflake; I have lots of them that I crocheted back before Marshall was born. IF I get the tree up, they’ll be on there.
    Love the last pic especially.


    1. Hahaha….Sorry. ;)

      I love those crocheted snowflakes. Since before Jake was born, as soon as Halloween is over they get hung in my windows and they stay there until March.

      Hey, I give ya a pass on the tree. One Christmas, instead of a tree, my dad cut red willows from the side of the road, maybe it was the driveway, anyway he brought them in the house put them in a bucket of water, put white lights on them and mom put a few ornaments on and called it good. It was so pretty. And after the decor came off he left the lights on, kept water in the bucket and by February it was leafing out! It was AWESOME. Everyone loved it. Sometimes in the dead of winter, I go cut some willows and keep them watered and wait for the leaves to pop. Gives me spring fever though!


  2. Stress? What’s that? Let’s see now….YES, YES, YES, NO, NO, NO, YES, NEVER. Cookies are on the agenda for the weekend though! I love crocheted snowflake ornaments – I’ve always thought they’re the only snowflake ornaments that look REAL. Great photos D!

    Holiday Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


  3. The falling snow feature adds so much to your lovely dark background. It almost gets lost on mine. *Sigh*
    No, I’m not ready, not even close. Tree is up and the exterior decorating is limited this year because my pup hasn’t outgrown her chewing phase yet. I made Chex Mix last weekend and the gang ate it all. Every morsel. Must do it again. *another sigh* I do like to premake cookie dough and wrap it up in the fridge for a day or two before baking. That way, we can have ‘hot’ cookies anytime without the mess. And I did make spiced cranberry cider which I think I am going to treat myself to very shortly.


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