All Better!


Yesterday in Traverse City, Michigan my corn dog craving was fixed!

Thank you to House of Doggs and my sympathetic husband.


12 thoughts on “All Better!

  1. Thanks to you I’ve been craving these for a while now……I may have to try making them since there’s NOWHERE around here to get one (sniff). I confess to having stared at the packages of frozen corndogs in the grocery store freezer section wondering if they taste like “REAL” corndogs….! So glad your hubby helped you achieve your goal of experiencing corndog delight – – whatta guy!

    Hugs, Pam


  2. Oh boy does that look yummy! Thanks to your mentioning these a while back I’ve been craving them too…..I even went so far as to stand longingly in front of the frozen packages of these at the grocery thinking “wonder if these taste like cardboard??” – and knowing that I COULD make them at home if I really “needed” to. I think now I NEED to!!! So glad you have an indulgent hubby – they do come in handy don’t they?!

    Hugs, Pam


  3. Believe me the ones in the freezer and the gas stations are TERRIBLE TERRIBLE, even the home made ones, just do not come close to the good ones at the state fairs. Even some of the fairs don’t do that good of a job. Must be you need oil that has been used beyond its expiration.


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