I took this picture Friday night when coming back from the barn.  I had been standing there trying to make sense and wrap my brain around the horrific elementary school tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.  It’s been three days and I’m still in disbelief and full of great sorrow for everyone involved.  My prayers go out to those children, parents and teachers who lived who now will have the burden of carrying the memory of it with them always.

Praying with a broken heart from Michigan.


12 thoughts on “Heartbroken

  1. Trying to make sense of something that simply can’t make sense is what we’re all trying desperately to do. Your photo from Friday night is so peaceful and beautiful and calm…..something I personally pray for each and every resident in Newtown…..a little town which truly has been forever changed.



  2. Do you see the dove in your picture? That picture is a dedication of love for all those sadly affected by this senseless tragedy. A beautiful picture and beautiful thoughts to fight the ugly in this world. Thank you.


  3. Beautiful photo, Dee. And Mark’s right: there is a dove in it. (You probably “saw” it when you looked at the sky then, and just didn’t realize it….)
    The only thought that brings me any peace about these tragedies is knowing that we humans just aren’t meant to understand why some things happen.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful picture and your thoughts, Dee.


  4. Isn’t it interesting how the Lord speaks to us! The dove formation in the clouds when we all are so very sad and feel so very helpless. Reach out and take HIS hand, HE is there for us and keeping praying for all of Newtown.

    I normally would not know where this little town was but for the last two fall we have passed through on our way to football games. An extra reason to up hold them in prayer.

    Lord, cradle them in the palm of your hand.


  5. It is so beyond being sad. That night I could not sleep I just kept thinking about our kids at that age and then our grandchildren. One of the grandma’s is from the twin cities and she was on the radio. There is no way we can begin to understand their loss. I heard it on the radio as the first call came into the police and of course you don’t know how serious but you think for grade school children it must be a mistake, there is no way you could have imagined it to be as bad as it was. In Josie school on Monday they had their moment of silence and then the kids each wrote the name of the victim down to pay tribue to them. I thought that was a really neat idea.


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