Jack Speaks

I hope everyone had a fun and beautiful Christmas, we sure did.


This is what our downtown looked like the morning we went in search of snow. 



That is to say…when we drove to my husband’s childhood Minnesota home to celebrate Christmas.



And naturally that would require us going over the Mackinaw Bridge.  I love that buggar. 



It was a gorgeous, sometimes slow drive through the U.P., also known as the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Lake Michigan to the left.

Yes, it was snow packed a good part of the way but road conditions improved the further west we drove.



Obviously, we found snow.



Wisconsin didn’t disappoint either.



I’ve always said, to anyone who’d listen, okay just Todd cause he’s always been the one beside me in the vehicle, that ‘Wisconsin is Land of the Big Barns’.

It’s got to be annoying but I proclaim it every time we pass through.  I can’t help it.



It has always seemed that every single barn I lay eyes on is just enormous, no matter what Wisconsin road, highway or freeway we’ve been on.



Maybe being a famed “dairy” state has something to do with that? 



Have you ever driven through Wisconsin?



Don’t you think it’s Land of the Big Barns too?



This?  This is Jack.  He’s an antenna do-hickey thing I got at a Jack-In-The-Box fast food place back when we spent a grand amount of time traveling out West. 


photo 4

I have a New Year’s Jack too.  He’s very fancy.  Oh yah, he’s already taken the place of “Winter Jack”.  Of course WJ will go back on after next week….much to a certain sixteen year-olds chagrin.  It’s just sooo embarrassing.  Ha ha.



It was so very pretty.

You all know I love snow right?  Yes.  I guess I’ve covered that before.



We had a great time with family and, as one great big group, went to a Christmas church service.  It was not only fun and entertaining it was the best I’ve been to in many, many years.  You were right Janice…I totally loved it!  I so wish they were a few hours closer.



Something else that was super fun was that we were privileged to sample a local award winning Minnesota beer that, as of the time it passed my lips, wasn’t yet available for retail package sales.  However, I see that they are starting to serve it in many local bars and restaurants to an ever growing group of admirers.

This particular brew was called, “Morning Wood Coffee”.  It’s a coffee infused stout, made by “Big Wood Brewery”.  It was so stinkin’ good!  It’s no wonder they’ve stacked up some impressive awards.  I loved it and that’s saying a lot because I’m generally not a fan of micro-brews. 



Ever see a beer can without it’s “label”?  Me neither.  Oh, and I understand via my brother-in-law, who has ties to them, there is a reality show in the works for this new little brewery. 

How fun and exciting for them! 

Click here and here for more detailed information.



A visit to Minnesota is never complete for me without hitting Caribou Coffee.  Another local success story there though I heard from a family member that Caribou Coffee has recently sold to a German company. 

FYI:  Not going to change my patronage much there.



Lake Michigan from the U.P.

I love road trips, no matter the time of year.  Guess that’s a good thing considering I’ve been blessed to have done so very, very many miles through the years across this beautiful country we all call home.



A good deal of those miles with Jack too.



Come to think of it, it was his first trip over and back across the Mighty Mac. 



Jack has kinda gotten around I guess.

If he could only talk…Uh…

He’d say, “Happy New Year everyone!”


13 thoughts on “Jack Speaks

  1. Great photos marking what appears to be a super great (and snowy) holiday Dee………thanks for sharing such wonderful photos with us this past year…..and sharing your life as well……..it’s been quite a ride hasn’t it? Here’s to a super successful, healthy and most of all HAPPY 2013 for you and yours……..

    From me and mine with love,
    Pam (and Sam of course!)


  2. I have been lurking here and following you for a bit. Following thanks to Dianna, These Days of Mine, who gave me a heads up about your blog. Your pictures are beautiful this morning as always but I just had to tell me you are crackin’ me up with Jack. Jack is so lucky, what a ride!! Happy New Year to you and your family and all the creatures in your life great and small.


    1. I’m glad you rung in today…nice to meet you and thanks.
      Yes, Jack…Jeez at one point we were laughing pretty hard at his scarf whipping in the wind and collectively thinking he looked like he was having a blast!
      Happy Winter/Happy New Year to you and yours as well.


  3. Jack took his life in his hands crossing the Mighty Mac! I’m glad he didn’t blow off :)

    Like you, I love roadtrips … so interesting, so pleasurable to the eye. Thanks for the tour!!
    Happy New Year, too!



    1. Ha Ha…nope, he fits on super tight! I worry about him getting plucked off though as I’m not sure they make them anymore. But..if he did find himself with a new address I would hope he’d bring as many smiles to another family as he has ours. ;)
      Have a great time tonight!


  4. Thanks so much for making our Christmas perfect by being in Minnesota for part of it. It was a great time. Am I blind but was Jack on the truck when you were parked in the driveway, I can’t believe that I missed it, but we did have alot of other things going on also. Driving for the first couple hours did not look like a picnic, but who has more experience driving in that weather than the two of you.


    1. Well, like I said before, “Every time we come back it’s more fun than the time before”. I mean it.
      Yup, Jack was there. He doesn’t really stand out so I’m not surprised you didn’t notice.
      Happy 2013 – Lets keep the medical junk to a minimum this year shall we? ;)


  5. Great pics as usual. We just got back from a Christmas jaunt to La La land to see daughter and granddaughter and the roads in southern Utah looked just like the ones you had to traverse! Have a great new year! W


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