Do you ever get the feeling…


you’re being watched?


Pay no attention to the dog behind the Christmas tree.  You do not see what may or may not look like a black dog behind this tree.


I knew I should’ve asked Santa for camo.

Now move along, nothing to see here.


I promise you…if you do not remove yourself and that irritating camera I cannot guarantee you will live to see another day.


Of course I can’t guarantee that anyway.  I’m just saying.


Just walk away and lets just think of me as the gift that just keeps on giving.


You wanna what?!


Take the tree down?  This tree?

IMG_2454 copy

Today?  Nooooo!


Why would you want to do that?  What’s the harm in leaving it? 


I really like it right here.


The whole idea stinks.  It’s a bad one and I’m not moving.


I vote it stays…Thanks.


19 thoughts on “Protester

  1. Oh I SOOOOOOOOOO feel your pain buddy. They took MY tree down days ago. I had to find a whole new favorite nap spot all over again. Not fair. I protested – even threatened to hork my dinner up on the carpet but even THAT didn’t work. The tree is gone. I miss it but I know where it “lives” in the basement and next year I’ll be bugging the heck out of Mom to bring it back up and put it RIGHT WHERE IT BELONGS AGAIN! You can do the same thing……I’m sure of it……….

    Power to the Pets,
    Right On……..your Pal Sammy


    1. Oh well, I guess I’m lucky Dee has left it up this long. It usually goes down during the Rose Parade on January 1st just like clock work.
      Truth is, I think she hates to see it go…that or she’s just procrastinating.
      “Power to the Pets” is right. Thanks Sammy.


      1. HI .. yes .. lovely darling pets … they give us so much love unconditionally .. that would be too funny, if your horses (lucky you, btw) wanted inside .. ok, though, if they are miniatures!! ha ha .. right now we have two cats .. no dogs (sadly) but .. very happy .. they give us so very much love. Aren’t we lucky, though! :)


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