things I don’t hear anymore…

Part two of me digging up the past.


the sound of a Meadowlark



wakey, wakey!

{My dad, Alex, mimicking the great Dick Sparrow by hollering up the stairs (in a much too happy sing-song voice) which was my cue to get out of bed in the morning – I use this one on Jake now.}



how many times have I told you to put my stirrups back down? 

{I have that saddle now…it’s set for Jake’s long legs…stirrups are set all the way down – still.}



don’t wreck the truck

{This was after I got permission to drive it – what’s ironic and pretty cool is the last 10+ years, when we’re in his truck my dad would rather I drive.}



after you weed four rows [in the garden] then you can go riding



how many times have I told you kids to pick up your sleds?


scan0002 (2)

start shoveling the driveway

after you get off the bus, split some wood



no you can’t go, we have hay to make [also interchangeable with: wood to cut, slash piles to make or chickens to butcher]



be home by 10pm



falling asleep to the sound of rain on a metal roof

What do you miss hearing?


12 thoughts on “things I don’t hear anymore…

  1. What great memories…..i guess we all have some unique sounds from our lives that we miss hearing. Even just the sound of my Mom and Dad’s voices – my Dad whistling along with a favorite song especially (he was a great whistler! All the photos are wonderful………



    1. Thanks a bunch…Ya, I love that seventh picture too. That’s my dad driving “Ben” and “Joe” our, then, lead team to the snow plow, a.k.a. road grader. They were off to grade the driveway. More often than not it’s what cleared the driveway, not the tractor which would hardly EVER start! ;) God bless the horse!


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