I Care and I’m Waiting


Though these pictures were taken about five weeks ago, the horses are, still today, looking around wondering where the snow is.


As am I.


This was nineteen days ago…January 1st.


This was last Friday morning – Still not much in the way of snow here.  Darn it.

I mean…really?  If a northern region is going thru “winter” then snow is a must.  It’s a piece of standard operating equipment.  Otherwise, what’s the dang point?


However, Smoke don’t care.


He doesn’t care one way or the other.

He just wishes someone would brush the bedding material (sawdust) off his coat.  No he doesn’t.  He don’t care.

He wishes someone would give him a shave and a hair cut.  No he doesn’t.  He don’t care.






I care.  And I care about snow and all things winter too.  And…I will continue to hold out hope that we’ll get our Northern Michigan snow, even if I have to do a snow dance…and right now, that wouldn’t be too purty!


21 thoughts on “I Care and I’m Waiting

  1. I hear ya! Where is the snow? I think it went to Europe….They’re getting hammered in some places…..Not fair is it?! We’ve been told several times to “be ready” – sand trucks loaded by the roadsides, grocery stores devoid of bread and milk from the shelves….well, WHERE IS IT???? One of these days……we’ll get what we’re waiting for…..patience is a virtue (so they say).

    Hugs, Pam


    1. No not too fair, we could sure use the snow pack. Not only that, this region really relies on the commerce generated from the snowmobile industry.
      But…other than pray (which is always a good policy) what can ya gonna do?
      Good luck with your possible snow storm!


  2. Sounds like today might be the day that changes all that. I hope for your sake you get all that snow they are talking about because dancing is not something you should probably be doing right now.


  3. You know I don’t want to utter a negative word here but could this be that nasty drought that is misbehaving and keeping away your snow. We are still in persistent drought conditions and worry, yes that worry word, I worry for our oaks and ponds and farmers and wells and………
    Smoke has the cutest little ears!


    1. Smoke does…he looks dang dashing all clipped up too. We like to let him and the rest of the horses have all the hair they can grow for the winter months but come spring…look out! :)
      Drought…ugh. I hate to utter it but if it’s not going to snow I pray it would at least start raining. With a dryish summer/fall last year I know the water table has to be getting low!


  4. We’re supposed to get a bunch of snow this week — for now, all we’re getting is winds .. winds strong enough to huff and puff and blow our fence down (and it did! :( ) Hope you get your snow :)



    1. Really? You get that lake-effect stuff too don’t you? We’re too far east to catch those storms coming off Lake Michigan. Darn it. Good news is I see the temps here will be in the single digits at night and teens during the day – good for “home ice”. :)
      Speaking of wind … yes! It did blow hard over night didn’t it? 40mph I heard. In fact, when it was still dark this morning, about 7:30, I heard the chain saw fire up and I just knew a tree must have come down across the driveway. Paul Bunyan here (Todd) got it taken care of so everyone could roll into work. You want me to send him down to help you guys with that fence? ;)


      1. yes please (send him down). Frankie looks at it longingly and there’s a stupid neighbor who refuses to corral his dog so I expect to see him in our yard – sigh.

        Snowing lightly here now but the winds are howling; sounds like we are in the bowels of a transatlantic ship!!



  5. Lovely photos…….

    We had a big dump of three feet of snow in December…..you know my location…..it is sooooo FROZEN
    in place. My winter joy has been watching a very wonderful man feed one hundred head of ELK!!!!!!!!!!!
    They line up single file one hour prior to the arrival of their green-green ALFALFA. Yes, he feeds them
    every day……..they are are on edge of town at Clark Fork, Idaho!!!!!! What a sight for me…..I travel
    out that way twice a week or so…..along the lake…..you know the drive. Eagles are in the cottonwoods
    and easy to spot. Lucky me……come visit us.

    Thank YOU for your news………I have way tooooooo much snow you can carry some home to Michgan!


    1. How awesome – I don’t think we’ve had that much snow over the course of two years here!
      Thanks for ringing in Dot, always good to hear from you.
      Next time you see Schweitzer on your way into town think of me! ;)
      See ya sometime in 2013!


    1. Way more than us. So far this season I’d say we haven’t received anything more than a 1/2″ – 1″ total much less all at once!
      By reading the comments on your last post it seems like there are a lot of folks missing their snow. My real concern (like anyone can do a thing about it) would be the possible impacts to farming/ranching because of the lack of moisture.
      Those are my running/walking shoes – isn’t the orange “fun”?
      Enjoy your snow for the rest of us!


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