Truck Yeah

This past Christmas Jake received a few items for his 1971 Ford F250 truck.  One being collective “gift money” that he put towards a “Retro” radio.  The online purchase replaces the original stock AM frequency-only radio that came with the truck.   


Him and his dad installed it not too long ago and ever since the boy has been downloading songs via iTunes to the “family” iPod.

*I say “family iPod” because I originally purchased it a few years back for his dad.  Todd would never be described as “techy” but I got it for him anyway so he could listen to his selected exhibition music while practicing here at home for his 8-Horse drive…an exhibition drive he did at an Expo down in Lansing.  That little iPod now has a new address….Ford F250, One Clydesdale Lane, Harrisville, Michigan.



It wasn’t too long after I viewed the iTunes receipt that I thought it would be a good idea to see what exactly the child was downloading.  It was all good; mostly Country and some old Rock and Roll.  This below was one song I found on his Play List.



I thought it was pretty fitting, except for the “suds” part – I bet they mean soap suds.


8 thoughts on “Truck Yeah

  1. It just dawned on us that we are not sure what type of music Jake likes, but we would think country. I remember when grandpa was into country when he was in his late teens and no one else was, funny how many in the family are now into it big time.


    1. Well, in all fairness country music isn’t as “twangy” as it used to be is it? It’s a lot more rock and roll-ish nowadays than it was even back in my day when greats like George Straight, Vince Gill and The Nitty Grit Dirt Band ruled the airwaves!


  2. Country music seems fairly safe. We went through a period in Marshall’s teen years when he was into (shudder) Marilyn Manson. I was SO relieved the day he asked if I’d ever listened to the Beatles…! Now we both love oldies.


    1. Marshall? Marilyn Manson? No way! That just doesn’t seem to fit. ;)
      Todd and I think it’s pretty cool that Jake has always liked the same kind of music we do…makes for less fights over what channel to listen to on the radio. :)


  3. That is one cool truck! Both boys have had their “exploratory” phase with music, some good, some cringe-worthy. What’s funny is they both will sing-a-long to our stuff when it’s on.

    :) MJ


    1. Well, we think it’s pretty cool. There’s a handful of kids at Jake’s school that dig it but he told us that it’s most all the teachers that really think it Rocks. ;) Maybe it’s because all his teachers are all his parents age?
      That’s so neat they’ll sing along with you guys.


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