Gardening At Ten Degrees


It began a few weeks ago; the gardening catalogs started to arrive in my mailbox.  Two more came after I took this picture.

I’ve been stacking them next to my clipboard of graph paper and my three-ring binder.  That binder contains all my past years plans, old plant tags from annuals and perennials purchased, photographs of gardens and shrub beds I’ve constructed.  And oh, there might be one or two torn out pages of ideas from home magazines. 

Really that binder?  It’s half dream book, half reality.  I love looking back through it. 

So, it should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway:  I really enjoy paging through the new catalogs that come.  They’re full of such inspiration, possibility and hope for a good growing season.  Plus, what better way to spend a ten-degree morning in January?  Can’t think of one here…

Let the Armchair Gardening Season begin!

Tell me…Do you garden?  Are you happy with overflowing flowerpots of beauty or do you have a huge landscape/vegetable garden project in the works?  Have these graced your mailbox too?


15 thoughts on “Gardening At Ten Degrees

  1. I used to get the catalogs and spent hours choosing the right seeds for my zone – and made a long list of things I wanted to order… but the total price shocked me and I never got the order sent…. the catalog companies finally gave up on me and stopped sending them… or maybe I moved and they didn’t get my new address – either way – in Montana the choices are fewer, my gardens became rock beds and my flowers were either given to me or I got them from a local greenhouse… so I guess the catalogs would be a waste of time where I live now. I do a lot of indoor gardening – my 3 hibiscus plants gives me 3 colors of flowers almost every week and the gardenia rewards me with sweet fragrance! My Holiday cactus puts off 3 colors of blossoms several times a year and my 5 African Violets are exploding with color! All else is green and too big for my space. So I am happy. Let it snow, let it snow I can still make things grow.


  2. Hi! Couldn’t sleep so I popped over here! CH is the gardener and green thumb in our little family of two. We have a small vegetable garden and a bunch of flower beds that keep him busy. I am like Dianna, I hit the greenhouse up the road. I spend a couple of days planting impatiens and petunias in the ground and in pots, the only flowers I can’t kill and then wait for the deer to come and turn them into a buffet. I love the idea of your binder~”half dream book, half reality”… :)


    1. I really enjoying coming up with new flower combinations for the whiskey barrels here on the farm and for my own pots on the deck too. The magazines, past things out of my binder and even books from the library are great sources of inspiration for the “next new thing” to do!
      Darn deer huh? Our dogs must keep the deer around here from getting too close to the house. You know… I bet the surrounding fields of alfalfa hay are smorgasbord enough. Glad I don’t have to deal with the buggars in my yard. Good luck this year!


  3. I certainly had my time in the past with seed/plant catalogs and planning my beautiful gardens but as the years went by, and my energy level changed (!), I came to appreciate going to the nursery and buying “already started” plants and making smaller gardens with less maintenance required. The catalogs no longer come BUT that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about gardens of the past and wondering what I’ll be able to handle out there this Spring – hopefully SOONER rather than LATER!



    1. I hear ya on the “less maintenance required” thing. I’ve learned in the last few years that summer is just too short to be expending energy on things we don’t really, really enjoy. Besides, when it comes right down to it, though I love flowers and such, I’d really rather be riding my horses. :)


  4. I don’t garden … but love fresh produce and pretty flowers. Nothing happier than looking at the smiling faces of bright flowers shining backatcha :)

    There is a very teeny part of me that might enjoy a garden .. if not for all the work involved. Maybe it’s those long summer days spent weeding as a child?



  5. Oh I love this too…catalogs are inspiring, and a good way to get away from seasons that are dreary! I used to have flower gardens, and I’ve done a wee bit of vegetable gardening. Most of my life I’ve lived in settings that didn’t lend themselves to big gardens. I grew up with that in the south. My grandmothers were both avid gardeners, and I know the benefit and the work that comes from that bounty! Nothing like a home grown tomato! But these days I’m mostly a gardener of vines, hedges, and perennials that don’t need much attention from me! ~ Sheila


      1. Yes, sprinkling systems are wonderful! I don’t need that in SE Alaska. Too much water is more likely to be the issue here in the rain forest. But living in arid Colorado, it was a godsend to have those sprinkler heads in place!


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