Really? Really?!


It finally happened.  Either that or I’m hallucinating. 

We got more than 2cm of snow overnight – our first real measurable (in my opinion) for the season.  Looks to be about four inches or more.  From what I hear there’s ice under it and the reason they cancelled school…Oh Happy day! 

Jake is happy too.  Pictured above is the boy going over to the ice arena to shovel it off.


This is the view out the front.  I furthermore heard that it will not last for long.  Something about 50+ degree weather or rain on its way.  Not sure.  I quit listening and ran in the other direction. 


This collection of shots is from a week ago today.  Todd and I took a mini-road trip over to Traverse City for an appointment and errands.  I love that town and the drive over and back is so pretty.  People fuss that it takes three hours on a “good road conditions” day, not me.  Not us.  Not a big deal.  It’s all good.  The time together.  The views.  The perks when we get there!  Ahhh.


My wish for you today is:  If you have snow where you are I hope you find something, anything to love about it.  Me?  I’m going out to make a dang snow angel before it’s all gone….And I don’t care if the workers here stop what they’re doing and stare!


29 thoughts on “Really? Really?!

  1. Well girl, you got your WISH – finally – some actual, real-live, measureable, snow-angel-worthy SNOW! We have an ice storm (I’d rather it be snow you betcha). Enjoy it while you can…..we have SLEET today. It’s pretty in its’ own weird way as it coats everything big or small with shiny ice. We’re staying put – I’ll go out in snow but NOT the ice! Enjoy!!!

    Hugs, Pam


  2. We have a little snow too, but not as much as you do! Ours should last a bit longer though. Temp is in the teens and twenties – I find a lot to love about it – the crunch of the snow when I walk the dogs at night – to a full moon! And the millions of tiny crystals sparkling like glitter on the ground… either in the sunlight or moon light. What’s not to love?


    1. You, Mother Dear, is one of the bigger reasons why I learned to love winter and snow! There’s nothing not to love about it. The tough part for me is finding things to love about humidity and/or heat. Humidity does give me real soft skin – but I don’t have a problem with it being dry in the first place! hahaha.


  3. You only got 2 cm of snow? Usually you bear the brunt of it for the region. ;) We got 6-8 inches in TC overnight. Sure is pretty, though.

    P.S. Still plan to post your Bowl of Soul! My milk frother broke & delayed the project. I’d better hurry while ti’s still cold.


    1. Well, it seems like we’ve only been getting 2cm/a dusting of snow but last night we got our first REAL snow over here on the East side of the state. You “people” over there on the West side seem to “hog it” all! ;) Seems like you guys get that “lake effect” and by the time the “weather” gets to us it’s either played out or Lake Huron is keeping the air warm enough to NOT let it snow on us. What’s winter without snow? Boooooring! Won’t be long and I’ll get to have a Bowl of Soul in the birthplace of it. Can’t wait to see your post on it!


  4. We had 2-3 inches last Friday – enough to throw our area into a tailspin. (Thankfully not us.) It’s mostly gone now, but I’m hearing rumors of more to come later in the week. Fine with me, since I don’t have to drive in it! We need a pic of your snow angel!


  5. Same here in Wyoming. We have had two “dustings” until last night we finally got something appreciable ( I bought new cross country skiis last fall. They still look brand new- because they are!


    1. I have a family member in Minnesota who had that cross-country ski’s problem last year! Not this year. She’s giving them a workout. Hope you get some serious snow for more reasons than just the obvious!


  6. Ahh! We had about an hour of “Christmas Snow” Sunday night … beautiful. Then sleet, then rain. T-storm this morning and now … slush. Crazy weather. But hey – it always gives us something to talk about :)



    1. We had that snow too and of course my thought was…”Oh nice it’s so dark I can barely see it!” I should have kept my big mouth shut because now it’s raining and sleeting here! I give up. I’m defecting to the Yukon.


  7. I’m doing a happy dance for you and your snow. Beautiful shots ~d! Love the top one.. the quiet peace of snow. We won’t be seeing snow, 77 degrees yesterday 70 today with t-storms! CRaZY!! Big Brown delivered my boots in 77 degree weather yesterday, I put em on with my shorts.. :) I see some cutie Sorels up there in that collage!! Hope you did your snow angel! Pictures?


    1. Wow, 77? That’s way too hot for winter! I bet you were darling in your shorts and Sorels…now there’s a picture.
      Snow Angel..yah…boo hoo. It began to sleet moments after my post and before I could get out there. I know I’ll get another chance.


  8. I’ve been ignoring WordPress lately. But, the naming of the Clydesdale foal reminded me of your blog. The photos and layout–you’ve stepped it up a notch! Love it. I hope you are enjoying the snow that has finally arrived.


  9. So happy you got snow! I agree about road trips…love that time in the car, just enjoying the views! We lived in Midland for about three years in the early 90s…always loved driving the Michigan countryside…some of it was like stepping back in time, so rural and beautiful…loved the little towns. The older I get, the more I appreciate the country! ~ Sheila


    1. Midland! We were down in that area for the state woodworking thing held at Central MU.
      The older I get the more I appreciate that sort of thing too. I never knew how ones surroundings can impact how it makes us feel – whether we are aware of it or not


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