Wordless Wednesday–My New Favorite Colors

*Two pictures from yesterday, last one from this morning.







20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday–My New Favorite Colors

  1. Was the FX done on the camera or computer? Either way very difficult special effects done very well. Enchanting photos with lots of depth. Have you ever thought of selling your photo’s?


    1. This time the edit was done on my cell phone. Sometimes I take cell phone shots and then edit on the computer and sometimes I take the camera shots and edit on the computer. What I’ve never done is take the camera shots and edit on the cell phone! :)
      Thanks and have I thought of selling them? Well, yes and no but basically not seriously enough to do anything about it. You think there’s a market for them? I’m pretty clueless when it comes to all that.


      1. I could hook you up to sell. My daughter is Director of Education for “Art in the Loft”. Some images you take are (in my humble opinion) exceptional. Get into matting and framing some. It will extend and complete your art. After that why not sell?


  2. Do you ever take a bad photo? I don’t think so. This is really your hobby and it all started when Todd was on the hitch, and you were trying to find something you could do when you could not work with the horses.


  3. That is a gorgeous mini-series of pictures. I love the serenity and quietness in these photographs. There is some eternal simplistic about them all, and yes, the warm tones are beautiful. Definitely gives a touch of vintage to the images. Beautifully captured and processed.


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