Still Kicking…Kinda

Well that wasn’t rude, said no one ever.

Chances are a few of you noticed I haven’t been posting anything to this little blog of mine for, well, a couple of months now and no, that’s not normal behavior for me.  What’s crazy is that one of the major drivers for me starting this blog ended up being related to the reason I’ve been gone.

You see, for about eight years I’ve had back/neck problems. No, reason really.  Well, nothing in particular that I/we can put our finger on.  But the best we can figure is it’s just old horse related injuries catching up with me.  As recent as 2009, the year before I started this blog, I discovered I had a cervical disc issue, but not before it ruptured in 2010.

The year 2011 saw my lumbar region wanting to get in on the act and being familiar with the numbness and tingling sensations, got myself an MRI.  It showed a disc problem there as well, a “bulging” one at that.  “Ugh”, I thought, “This is wreaking havoc on my horse life”.  I was told I should have surgery but I opted for therapy.  With the help of physical therapy and daily stretching there after I was somewhat functional for about a year.  Then this past October 2012 that lumbar disc started getting much worse.  No longer the girl sporting the “Oh, it’s really not that bad” attitude, I insisted on another MRI.  That MRI they took in December showed my disc had gone from bulging to herniated.  I talked the doctor into letting me do therapy again (“it worked before’” I rationalized) while we discussed the dreaded ‘surgery’ word.

Cue the month of January, and the day after my forty-fifth birthday…I got to take my first ever ride in an ambulance.  Happy Birthday to me!  I don’t recommend it, unless you are in great deal of pain then they’re the folks to have at the helm baby.  Yah, that disc in my lower back ruptured.

Thank God for these things:

We weren’t at a hockey game.

I wasn’t digging for the freshest milk in the cooler at the grocery store.

I wasn’t trapped in an airplane at thirty-thousand feet.

I wasn’t pumping fuel at the gas station.

I was not driving myself to or from physical therapy.

I was not home alone.  And though, (unfortunately) my boy had to hear my God awful screaming (FYI:  I do not scream for anything), my husband had the day off and was there to hold me and called 911 when I mumbled, “I can’t do this any longer.  You’re either going to have to punch me to knock me out or I need some serious drugs.”  And, “Oh, ain’t no way I can ride stretched out in the back seat of the truck an hour up to the hospital.  You know I’m not a wimp, but I just can’t”.

I may have just thought that last part and not said it out loud.  I can’t remember.

At any rate, while I was laying on the floor waiting for the pain to subside a part of me was remembering the last time a disc ruptured (the one in my neck) and I recalled shortly after the rupturing, it was less than an hour, things began to get better.  I hoped that would be the case with my back but I wasn’t going to take any chances because the pain I was dealing with that January morning was far worse than the neck ordeal and I remembered that pain being worse than child-birth.  It was the ambulance for me;  no question.  And thankfully they didn’t throw the switches for the sirens or the lights.  Things were drama-filled enough.

So anyway, my back did get much better.  After a visit with a highly recommended surgeon over in Traverse City and about two weeks of downtime I was out in Idaho, on schedule, ranch sitting for two different ranches the month of February and March.  Modified ranch sitting of course.  But I had good helpers lined up for me with far stronger backs than mine.  My gosh, it wasn’t looking good at all there for a while.  To be in the shape I was in was one thing but the thought of missing my yearly trip out West (a.k.a. home) was devastating to contemplate.

God knows to what degree it means to me to be back home out west.  I have been much blessed, no doubt.

So, to friends and family who knew of my drama and prayed for me that I would get my hearts desire…thank you so very much.  You know what it means to me.  You get it…you get me.


Oh and hey!  It’s not a “The View Out Here” post without a picture!

That would just be weird and wrong.


This is a picture of “Rip” the Blue Healer Heeler.  I had it on my cell phone for quite a while.  And how weird…Look, it was taken two months from today exactly!

I can’t sit for very long periods at a time but I’ve got lots of catch-up pictures forthcoming.  Hope you’re ready and if not…Run.  Run very fast!


40 thoughts on “Still Kicking…Kinda

  1. Oh my GOSH ~d!!!! This whole time I been thinking the guy who said your beautiful pictures were beautiful had got you in a photography exhibit and you were selling your pictures! I didn’t even want to bother you. I am so sorry you have been dealing with back pain. We have that going on here off and on but not to the extent you have experienced. I am going to send you “feel better” vibes and it is nice to hear from you. So nice to hear from you!!!!! I would love to see some of your gorgeous pictures.. :)


  2. YAY! I was so excited to see a post from you in the e-mail notifications on my phone. You’ve really been ‘through it” haven’t you, girl?
    Welcome back, take care of yourself, and I’m looking forward to your pictures!


  3. I’ve thought of you many times and wondered what happened — my goodness you have sustained a LOT — I hope you are doing/feeling much better …. guess where I’m headed today? Alpena! I will be back up again this summer so will be in touch so I can stop by, meet you and meet your beautiful horses :)

    Welcome Back, D!!!!!!!



    1. Alpena!? MJ!! Wish i would have read this first thing this morning!
      Not a good day for a road trip what with all the rain. Jeez, you have my phone number I hope..Not sure if I gave it to you yet…I hope you do have it and I hope you call! Rain or no would love to give you a tour.
      Summer is the next best thing!
      Safe travels.


      1. and …. b/c of the rain in Grand Rapids I had to DETOUR on M23 right through your neck of the woods. No I didn’t have your #, but I would have stopped for a coffee and a tour for sure. Next time!! It was a beautiful drive but windy as what … cheers :) MJ


  4. Oh D……you just can’t imagine how wonderful it was to see “The View Out Here” notification in my inbox. I’ve missed you and wondered how your back was doing…sounds like you’ve really been through the mill (whatever that really means!). Sounds like a most difficult time for you and I hope there’s some kind of resolution in sight – tough to be a rancher when your back is giving you BIG fits. I had a herniated disc in 2002 and it wasn’t fun but NOTHING compared to what you’ve gone through. ANYWAY, welcome back girlfriend – stick your head in the door from time to time – your beautiful photos and your fun blogs have been missed.

    Hugs, Pam (and of course Sam)


  5. Glad that you were able to post on your blog site again. I heard from my kids that you where doing some posting on Facebook. I don’t have a Facebook account and I was starting to wonder if I was going to have to change that in order to see your fabulous pictures and know what was happening in you lives!

    Continue to get better! Enough people in this family doing surgery this year.


  6. Holy Moly!! I just thought you were having too much fun at home to sit down and blog! Geez. Glad things are getting better though. At least I got to see all the photo posts from home! :) Love ya! Prayers for continued healing going your way!


  7. SOOOOOOOOOOO glad you survived your ordeal……….I would never have known you had any of
    those ugly symptoms…………YIKES………please take good care of yourself and I am thrilled that
    you are feeling good enough to get back to your “fans”!!!!!!!!! I truly love your photography,
    please keep it coming.

    Love ya,

    Dot in Idaho


  8. Thank goodness you are ok now. I have thought of you often and wondered if all was well. I’m sorry you’ve had such a trying couple of months. At least the worst seems to be over and I’m so glad you are up and kicking – sort of.


    1. Hey! Hi Renee. Thanks for thinking of me. It’s weird but I think of you all too even though most of us have never met. Crazy isn’t it?
      It’s nice having the inclination to connect again and want to get back to every body’s blogs…I really feel like I’ve missed out on a lot!


  9. Hey, I had noticed you weren’t posting, but hoped it was just a busy time for you. Well, it certainly was! Glad you’re feeling better and back in the land of the living! And what an environment for recuperation! Nothing like mountains for healing the body or the spirit…welcome home! ~ Sheila


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