My Idaho – Ranch No. 1

Ranch Surveillance

So as I said in my last post, I ranch-sat {a good part of} February and {a large portion of} March.  Some people would call it a “working vacation” but in my case the word “working” is used pretty loosely.



On this first beautiful North Idaho ranch I sat for there were, or rather there are sixteen Clydesdale draft horses and one Quarter Horse mare. 

Be not fooled by these pictures of solitude.  I had help.  Lots of it.



This is Chip.  He’s a Border Collie, an older dog, is completely deaf and a major love bug.



And this is Rip.  He’s a bit younger, a Blue Heeler, loves nap time, country music from the 1950’s and he’s a love bug too.

Chip liked to ride on the Gator with me for chores.  And Rip?  He thought riding was an insult and would run in front of us, circling back when we weren’t keeping up.  In his opinion, a way better use of his time.



After about the fifth day Chip stuck real close to me and went every where I went.  And I mean everywhere.



I just fell in love with this old dog and I miss him very much.



These are two of the ranch’s stud horses, Protégé and Prospect.  Chip wasn’t on the Gator when I snapped this picture.  He had bailed off to inspect something with Rip.



I was not only loaded with hay and grain I also had dessert on board.  Carrots anyone?



Protégé’s paddock was the closest to the house and one afternoon I noticed him looking for a spot to roll. 

I may or may not have yelled from the deck, “Next to the fence is never a good idea…Sport!” 

I like to call horses “Sport” makes me feel all wise and smarty-pants like.


He may have glanced my way for a quick second.



As I continued to watch, making sure he planned on making the right decision, I snapped the above series of pictures.  Obviously, he was no dummy and away from the fence he chose to lay down and have a nice roll in the snow. 

I can’t be certain, as I didn’t go and look, but I think he made a snow angel out there. 

*On a side note, the terrain wasn’t as downhill as it appears.  I was just too lazy to straighten those pictures as I did with the first one.



I already said I loved this Chip dog right? 



Okay, but did I say how much I enjoyed the abundance of lovely light?  This was taken in the morning.



As was this one.



This was taken as the sun was getting ready to set.

Which turned into this….



This was one a stunner of a sunset that night during chores.

*FYI:  No filters were used in the taking of these last three shots.  It really was super pink/purple.



Schweitzer Mountain, a part of the Selkirk range in the distance…it’s where I learned to ski when I was a kid.



And lastly, this one as the light was beginning to fade. 

These sunset shots and its pinky-purple light show, is seared in my memory.  It was nothing short of ahhhmaaazing!  But, honestly, that can be said of my entire stay on that beautiful ranch. 

It totally goes without saying…I’m very much looking forward to next time!


16 thoughts on “My Idaho – Ranch No. 1

  1. WOW…………WOW…………WOW………lucky me to have a beautiful friend like YOU that shares her
    photography with a gal like me that lives just down the road from this beautiful ranch!!!!!!!!!

    Love—-love——your shots and I am soooooooooooo happy you captured the light, light, light and
    that it was there for you.

    I worked for many years at the original house for Bill and Jean Crouse……..I cleaned for them but would also
    stay a month at a time while they traveled to Hawaii so Bill could golf. The land was bare and I would see
    many coyotes dancing across the frozen snow. I would watch for them……….today it would be wolves
    had the {name withheld for the privacy of the owners} not have created their dream ranch. As a neighbor I am thrilled to drive by on the
    way home from town and view all those great Clydesdales living “the good life”!

    Thank you for sharing and I am thrilled for YOU that you were healthy enough to come HOME!

    Once again D, it is thrilling to view North Idaho on my screen
    Yes, I loved your shots of the stud and I
    can just imagine the huge snow angels he left……….much better than any subdivision Bill Crouse had
    envisioned $$$$$$$$$$$$. Thanks to {name withheld for privacy of the owners}—he saved the north country—and made it a better
    place by adding all of those beautiful horses.


  2. Love these scenes! Such beauty…I spent most of my adult years (prior to my Alaska adventure) in Colorado and I so miss the western skies…AK is beautiful, but nothing quite matches the scenery of the mountain west!
    So glad you had the opportunity to be in this amazing place and to share your experience with us! ~ Sheila


    1. We’ve been to Alaska and I have to say I was expecting it to be prettier in every way than our Rocky Mountain states. I found that not to be the case… It is gorgeous in its own way, of course. What I think I missed was the variety if pine trees.
      I lived in Colorado too for a while, Springs and Fort Collins. Nice. Loved all the sunny days and dryness but still missed “home”. The lake in Sandpoint with Schweitzer Mountain (and all the other peaks around is tough to beat in my book. ;)


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