Brought To You By This Proud Mother


Have you ever seen a more beautiful saddle stand? Yes, it’s true, I’m biased because the person that made this is my child.

My boy Jake, for his sophomore year wood shop project, decided to make his mom a saddle stand. From a couple of magazine and website pictures and with the advise and guidance from his awesome wood-shop teacher he created this beautiful cherry and maple saddle stand.

Two drawers and a bridle/halter hanger are located on each end for a total of four drawers and two hangers. There is also a shelf on the bottom for a saddle pad/blanket if need be. I’m so in love with it!

“Regional’s” for Michigan Industrial Technology Education Awards were held last weekend where it received a first place.


And just this past Friday it took a second place at “State”.

I’ve always wanted a real nice stand in the house that I could display a worthy saddle on. What he made is above and beyond what I thought I would, if ever, have.

*Note to Jake: Thanks boy. It’ll do. Love, Mom.


28 thoughts on “Brought To You By This Proud Mother

  1. Oh my goodness that is actually beyond a saddle stand – it’s a gorgeous work of art! Congratulations to Jake for the awards – it’s totally award-worthy. What a special (very) Mom’s Day present too!

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


  2. What a treasure! Not only is it beautiful, but you know his heart was in every minute that he worked on it. Belated Happy Mother’s Day to you! Glad to see you posting; we’ve missed you, girlfriend!
    (PS…my post today is about horses…!)


    1. He does indeed. At one point he was going to do two harness display boxes for a set of old coaching harness that I have but decided he could make a saddle rack more “interesting” for judging purposes. It’s going to look fantastic in the house.
      Thank you for your words. I bet Jake will eventually read this post…and probably be blushing at everyone’s sentiments!


  3. Love your saddle stand, and what a wonderful gift, just in time for Mother’s Day! This is how little I know about the culture of horses…never heard of a saddle stand before! But with each of your posts, I learn something new! Hope your day yesterday was wonderful! And congratulations on having a skilled craftsman for a son :) ~ Sheila


    1. Yes, just in time for Mother’s Day is right. Watching ones child develop into their own person is more wonderful than I ever could have imagined!
      I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day too.


  4. There are no words to describe how proud we are of our grandson work. Even tho we were not there when they did the judging we were with him in thought every minute of that day. Jake did such a fantastic job, there is only one problem is he has two more years that he has to try and come up with something to top what he did in his freshman year. It truly was beautiful. When he told me where you were probably going to put it, thought that is just where I was thinking it would look nice in the house. What a wonderful gift Dee. He did GOOD.


  5. WOW-WOW-WOW………………….LUCKY YOU………….AND DRAWERS EVEN………WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!



    1. Thank you Julie! It is now proudly sitting in a corner of the living room with the same saddle on it…my son’s.
      I’d yank it off there and replace with mine but it looks too good.
      I’m currently plotting what he should make next year! ;)


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