Fly, Be Free


Today is Jake’s last day of his Sophomore year in high school and Saturday he’s leaving for the summer.



Him and his truck are headed south.

How do I feel about that?  Well let me explain it this way…

1IMG_0695 copy

The umbilical cord isn’t going to reach clear down to Indiana.

No.  It’s not.



Basically, until he begins his Junior year in high school in the fall he’ll be in Northern Indiana.  And he’ll be in the very town we lived before we moved up here to Northern Michigan back on June 1st, 2006. Oh ya…time so flies!


Northern Indiana – Land of the buggy’s.  Land of corn.


Land of trailer manufacturing.


But he isn’t going to be working in the manufacturing field.



He’s going to be working for a friend of ours at his crop dusting service.

jake in trainerfx

The above pictures are of Jake and his soon to be employer, Mr. Lutes.  They are in the gentleman’s WWII trainer plane a few summers back when he flew it up here to Alpena, Michigan for an airshow.


From the time before the boy was in first grade he was already taking him under his wing so to speak and blessing him with wonderful adventures.


Still is.  See the video at the end for proof of that.


Said friend also raises Clydesdale horses so the boy won’t be without his long time familiar breed of equine either!


I try to remind myself that umbilical cords are over-rated and he’s only a phone call or text away.


I’m gonna miss my baby anyway…


the hardworking little buggar.

“Do us proud boy, keep the runway perfect and the planes purty!  And have a great “parent-less” summer!”


“And hey Jake, get a haircut while you’re down there boy.  You know the place!”

For Jake….”Real Gone”

“An Afternoon in Shipshewana” is a short video that took place between first and second cutting (haying) here in Michigan when Jake and I ran down for a quick visit in 2009. Music: “REAL GONE” by Sheryl Crow

15 thoughts on “Fly, Be Free

  1. After my son’s Sophomore year in HS he went to Oregon for the summer (from MA) to work in his Grandfather’s lumber mill. It was good practice for what was yet to be…and he LOVED every minute of it – hard work and all! This is an adorable ‘retrospective’ …. and awesome shots with his truck!


    1. I know you’ve been away for a few months not seeing him, but you knew he was home with dad safe and sound, this will be good too, he will be in good hands doing what he likes to do


  2. Oh I know it will be hard to wave goodbye as that truck heads down the road but what a grand adventure he has in store….you too in a way….and I know both of you will do each other proud in that regard. Those photos of him are absolutely precious but then you had adorable subject matter didn’t you?! Write if you get lonely my friend…..!

    Hugs, Pam
    p.s. Sammy’s available for a Sammy Hug any time too…… :D


  3. Am I guessing that Mom might have shed a tear or two writing this post??? As a Mom, I felt my heartstrings being tugged. i know you’re so proud of that young man! Loved the pictures and the video.


  4. Every step you take in life prepares you for a step in your furture. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in his future. Take comfort in knowing he is in good hands both day and night!

    Love the pictures of this tall lean son of yours from little boy until now. Hope everyone has a great summer. (That is if summer ever arrives this year!)


  5. What an awesome adventure he’s about to embark on! Take pride in knowing he couldn’t be going without your love & support :)

    Like Dianna said, this tugs at a Mama’s heartstrings!



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