Odd and Long Suffering


We had a slight change of plans.



Because there’s a bunch of stuff that needs picking up for the farm and because what needs to be picked up is in the very town where Jake is headed, he’s getting a free ride this morning.  Not a bad deal huh?  The boy is going to arrive in style for sure. 

But before we piled in this morning I set up the tripod for a quick family picture, just for for my mother-in-law.  You see, it’s her birthday today.

However, I had timer issues on the camera and we were trying to get out the front gate at six-thirty a.m.  Sharp.  “We” were trying to stick to the schedule.  It’s important trucker stuff.  To some people.



And though my mother-in-law clearly knows, the rest of you may not…the one on the right is her goofball-happy-go-lucky-son, who’s standing next to her long-suffering, let’s-get-on-the-road-already grandson. 



What are the odds the boy will be glad to be free of us?  I even made us wear matching themed shirts to celebrate the day of family togetherness and take the sting out of not being together all summer.  What are the odds it worked?

Happy Birthday Grandma Rod from your slightly odd family.


9 thoughts on “Odd and Long Suffering

  1. Oh I’m sure she will be thrilled with this grand photo-op…..who would know better than her what to expect from her son??? Jake looks like “C’mon Moooooooooommmmmmmm!” and you I’m sure are ever so slightly thrilled that you will get to take Jake to his summer destination……………ROAD TRIP! Enjoy it. I think you will.



  2. I LOVED the photo’s. It is just so Todd and I know he has not changed after all this time. Thanks a million for thinking to take the photo. It is rare that we have a photo of the three of you. Jake will enjoy his summer, can hardly wait to get the report from him.


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