I Feel Loved


I got to do my favorite job on the farm a couple days ago.


Todd was a little leery in letting me.  “Are you sure your back can take it?”  I assured him as long as I only did it for a few hours I was sure I’d be fine.


I knocked down two small fields here on the home-place and while I didn’t come away very sore at all I’m glad I only signed up for the two smallest ones.  Honestly, vacuuming is more taxing…go figure.  I think doing laundry and washing floors is really bad for me too.  I’m kidding.


I do love this cutter – a lot.  It’s just so much fun to run.  You’ve no doubt also heard me say before that I adore the smell of curing hay.  I love it when this front field is cut and drying in the sun…the smell permeates the house, night and day.  The smell of it is intoxicating and makes me feel sixteen again or seventeen…or eighteen.  Good memories of working hard and playing hard….and hard muscles not flabby ones.  Okay, I’m rambling.


I took this shot after I was through and while I was leaning on my icepack, strictly as a precaution mind you.  At this point I still needed to mow the lawn and crank out something for the two of us for dinner.  This was also before I fell asleep for two and half hours and woke to my cell phone ringing.  It was my husband.  “I haven’t heard the lawnmower over there and….are you okay?”


The View From Jake's Room

“Totally fine” I said and then here he came with the lawn mower and mowed the lawn.  I tried to get him to come down off there and let me do it but he refused.  As if he didn’t have his own things to finish for the day.  Nothing says I love you more than picking up slack for me or allowing me to make Cheerios and Shredded Wheat for dinner.  Nothing.


25 thoughts on “I Feel Loved

  1. Great photos, great time! The actor, Richard Widmark used to mow all his neighbors’ lawns just because he liked the simple pleasure of doing something uncomplicated. Good time to just free associate.


    1. Thank you, yes, he’s a team player and then some. :) Housework should be done with other people of like minds, like the buddy system or something…it would make it more tolerable for sure!


  2. Gosh – that IS true love!!! Sounds like you’re finding ways around that back in order to keep doing stuff you love to do……that’s what I do too – icepacks, extra cushions, super hot showers, WHATEVER it takes – just let me get on that lawn tractor and do my thing! It looks spectacular out there too – all that GREEN!

    Hugs, Pam


  3. Thanks for the fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are sooooo WET here that it will be a long time before we can cut…….lucky YOU! Anybody here
    that is “out of hay” is in big trouble and a long wait. I will let you know when our hay arrives, ha-ha.

    Love ya, Dot in Sandpoint

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