This is Chip. So named because he was “a chip off the old block”.  I took this picture of him in February when I was out in Idaho ranch sitting for some dear friends of ours.  This old dog and I instantly became fast friends.  Sadly though, I got a bitter/sweet text message from his owner a couple nights ago.  I asked if I could quote her and she said yes.

“ I wanted to let you know your dog buddy Chip will be spending the rest of his winters under the grove of aspen trees you love so much.  We also put a dogwood over him to remind us along with the sweet smell of aspen, spring blooms and fall color just how much we love CHIP.  Thanks for being our pal!”


Though I only knew Chip for a short time I can tell you he was a wonderful companion not only to me but I’m sure to everyone who had the honor of knowing him.  He was sweet, gentle and never grumpy.  He was the kind of dog who, because his hearing was gone, relied solely on hand signals, when he thought to look for you…which he did a lot.  He not only did chores with me and the other ranch dog, a blue heeler named Rip, but followed me from room to room when he realized I was no longer there.  It got to the point where I would let him know I was leaving so he could choose to stay where he was or come along.  He was nearby for everything I did, right down to brushing my teeth and blow drying my hair.  I have missed him these past months and will continue to.



I am so grateful I got to say a “just-in-case” good bye back in May when I once again had the wonderful opportunity to ranch sit for them again.  I’m happy he had such beautiful owners who loved him so dearly.


IMG_3927 (2)

Rest in peace Chip buddy.


What we have once enjoyed

we can never lose;

All that we love deeply,

becomes a part of us.

-Helen Keller


11 thoughts on “Chip

  1. Oh I’m so sorry you’ll no longer have your pal Chip when you ranch sit there at his home……something tells me that his spirit will always be in that house though – following you from room to room….once a friend is made, it’s often a “forever” friend – especially with an animal. Nice to hear from you even though it’s a sad message……RIP Chip…

    Hugs, Pam (and Sammy)


  2. So sorry. They always stay tucked in a special place in our heart. Such a sweet expressive face. I always think how lucky those of us that take pictures are because look at these wonderful pictures that help to hold our memories.


  3. Oh, this one made me cry, he’s so much like my Frankie. What a sweet, sweet face. I could sit with him for a nice long time and knew he’d love that.

    Good to hear from you again, you’ve been missed!

    RIP sweet Chip!


  4. Was Chip my neighbor????????????????
    I was at both of your ranches this summer…….my oh my, they are so lovely!
    If you come back this winter…….I would like to have you for a girlie luncheon………hope you feel
    better this year and that you come “home” just for a little while.
    Keep the photos coming…… inspire me! If you come I will take you to Clark Fork for a photo
    shoot of a truly wild herd of ELK being fed “ALFALFA” hay……….the reason is to supplement their
    diet with protein……….but also to keep them on the lowland……away from the WOLVES!!!!!!!! They
    are a real problem here now and are every where. Two wolves visited Parnell’s neighbor the Lippert’s
    this summer………..the neighbor thru the trees with the mules. Did you meet them?
    This is going on and on……bless you for being a good friend to CHIP!!!!!
    Love you, Dot


    1. Yes, he was! And yes, both those ranches are…hurt your eyes gorgeous. I’m one blessed girl, truly.
      And yes again…to the girlie luncheon and photo excursion over to Clark Fork.
      Thanks for your kind words…Love you too Dottie.


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