Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I wouldn’t be blog posting a whole lot over the summer, I just didn’t realize it would be practically none at all.  Something else took over.  Allow me to explain…

With Jake gone from the farm at the crop dusting service in Indiana till school started in the Fall and my understanding husband’s words of: “You should go.  If you’re here, I’ll just use you [for tractor and field work]”, I agreed to help a good friend out west “get through” the recovery of foot surgery.  She had to be off her foot completely for six weeks and very light use for ten.  I filled in for her in the day-to-day of ranch managing/horse maintenance while her husband worked out of town a good part of every week.  She called it being her “Mini-Me”.  Ha!  There’s no way, by any stretch of the imagination, I could ever fill her shoes!!  Even so, I knew I was needed more there for them than here so I loaded up and drove “home” to Idaho for the whole entire summer.  I know poor me, such a sacrifice, what with how I feel about where I grew up and all.  It truly was a win-win in the making.  Of course I cried, beginning in the garage, clear up and over the Mackinaw Bridge on my way out…But then I cried on the drive back.  I’m kind of a cry baby.  Shocker, I know.

Todd and I have been separated before for extended periods of time.  Two months, when he was with Budweiser, was the longest we had been apart, our average was six weeks tops.  This summer was three months and a couple days.  Thankfully my cell phone to his is free minutes and lets just say because of the poor connection at the ranch his texting abilities improved quite a bit!

The ranch I speak of is Stillwater, I’ve written on it a few times before.  It is a stunning hunk of ground and just about every weekend through the summer, was the venue for a beautiful wedding or gathering of some kind.

While I was home in Idaho, I not only got to spend some real quality time with my sister and my sweet horse-crazy five year old niece but I also spent some time over the border of Idaho at my parents place in Montana.  I stayed with them on the trek west for a spell and also helped them out over the Fourth of July weekend as they put on their first driving show (horse of course) which was an awesome success!  There’s one planned for next year too that we all can’t wait for.

I’ve got the summer all documented on Instagram.  You’ve all no doubt heard of it.  It’s that photograph sharing site that makes it simple and fast to take and post pictures.  Instagram came in very handy these last months to share pictures, most with captions, with family and friends.

There was a time that I had my Instagram account set to “private” but I eventually turned that feature off allowing anyone, even if one doesn’t have an account, to see the pictures I’ve taken.  Feel free to look at those if you want.  Just click the Instagram logo below and it will take you to the right page.


I will keep my WordPress blog in operation.  However, for now anyway, I’m finding it easier to let Instagram take over as it’s much easier to use in our currently hectic, crazy lives.

Be well everyone!


12 thoughts on “Insta-Summer

  1. I was at the lovely Stillwater ranch for the memorial of Patrick Orton……….what a beautiful evening….
    rainbow and all. I would have been very suprised to know you were up at the house. WOW……………….
    what a memorable time.


    1. Was that not a night or what? The releasing of the luminaries at dusk is now one of my utmost favorite life memories. Wish I would’ve seen you, course the attendance set a record at the ranch so it’s no wonder.
      Take care Dottie, have a great rest of the week!


  2. Amazing photos, as always – although I haven’t had a chance to see them all.
    I hope you’ll continue to blog occasionally: I miss you!
    Glad you had a fun summer, but I know you’re glad to be back at home with your guys.


  3. What great photos (as Dianna says….”as always”….) and I remember posts about Stillwater before – stunning location is right! That was a wonderful thing you did becoming someone’s mini-me….a lot of work but I know you enjoyed it even though you must have missed “home sweet home”……I do hope you’ll pop out a blog from time to time because I ALWAYS love hearing from you……always.

    Hugs, Pam


    1. I’m terribly sorry. In retrospect it was quite rude to everyone who didn’t know I was preoccupied. If I could do it over I would’ve snapped up a post about the Instagram thing at the onset but…Well, anyway, there it is.
      Enjoy the pictures, there’s a boat load to be sure.


  4. Awesome pictures! I will come back and click when I have some quiet time this afternoon. Your summer sounds lovely. I have thought about Instagram but I can barely keep getting a post up and keep my commenting up. Hope you still give us a smile and post when you can.. :)


  5. Beautiful photos! What a great gift you gave your friend, to spend all that time, AND to do all that work. That’s an amazing act of generosity! Glad you’re home, I’ve missed your posts!

    Haven’t done anything with Instagram…another bit of technology to sort out! Thanks for the nudge! ~ Sheila


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