Walk This Way

I thought I would share some of my most favorite pictures from the last seven days.


Sunrise over Glenview Farms front pasture as seen from the living room windows here at the house.


One of the trees here in the yard on a very foggy morning that turned into an all day fog-fest and a No School day due to poor road conditions.  Ice and snow was the main culprit I heard.


This is the very southern drive on the farm on that all-day fog-day.


I’ve been making a big effort to get out and walk around the property at least every other day if not every day lately.  There’s just something about winter isn’t there?  I mean, yes, one has to put on a boat load of layers depending on how cold it is and all that.  I so love it, even if it means a person spends more time dressing and undressing than they spend outside!


Behind Paddock Three on the far western side of the farm.  Walking around this day I realized once again how beautiful the fog can be and what great photo opportunities exist while walking out in it!


This is the neighboring corn field to the west.  Not ours, but I heard them harvesting it the very next day.  Speaking of which, we’re still in corn harvest and half done with it.  Yeah!


Taken while standing on the fence of Paddock One looking at Paddock Two.  I loved all the tracks Donny and Trooper had made while out for the day.


On my walk the next day.  From the exact location and fence board as the previous photo.  What a difference a day makes huh?  Luke is pictured here looking at his neighbors next-door.  Guaranteed he ain’t askin’ for a cup of sugar.  Well, wait…Maybe he was.


This, on the same walk as above, is Paddock Thirteen with Pete and Jack taken from what we call the Back Lane.  We had a big all night rain the night before as evidenced by the standing water in this photograph.


Taken from the fence rail on a yet a different walk along the Back Driveway, not to be confused with the Back Lane.  This is Maggie and Dixie in Paddock Four.


On my walk Friday, as I was about to cut through the woods to the house because my face was freezing off, the much anticipated “Glenview Ice Arena” was going up.  Big news here.  BIG.


Every year my husband and son assemble an ice arena between the woods, shop and carriage barn.  This year Jake’s friends from school came over and helped out.


Much to my husbands delight, Jake’s friends were anxious to get it underway this year.  They’ve been here twice.  Once to set up the frame work and then again the other night to roll out the liner and begin filling it.

After the ice is set, (maybe by Wednesday) they will screw up the back boards.  We don’t have boards for the sides.  Mainly because the ends are more important.  Why?  Because the goal nets or goal boxes are set at opposite ends on the rectangle of ice making backboards kind of a must as they keep the puck in play.  This is so there is more ice playing and less puck chasing in the snow.  Didn’t know you were going to get a backyard hockey rink lesson today did ya?

It’s unfortunate I didn’t get over soon enough to get pictures of them all while the light was still good at least on one of those days.


I’m not too concerned about it though because a short walk this grove of Aspen, Birch and Poplar trees stands the house.  Close enough that I can hear from anywhere inside, the sounds of hockey pucks slamming off the back-boards.  If it’s quiet and I’m on the west side of the house, I can even hear Jake’s strides as his skate blades bite into the ice.  So, I guess they’ll be plenty of action shots once the arena freezes over and the boys take the ice!  And those might be better pictures anyway.


I never anticipated how much I would come to love the sights and sounds of my kid skating, alone, with his dad or with his friends all hours of the day or into the night.  Yes, even at night.  You see, if you haven’t already figured it out, we’re pretty spoiled here (in many ways) as there are big lights mounted on one of the buildings for when it gets dark.

Come on Jack Frost, walk this way….bring on your cold temperatures, we feel the NEED for a hockey game!


21 thoughts on “Walk This Way

  1. Oh what glorious photos…..I agree about fog – it softens everything – kind of in a magical sort of way. I remember some photos of that ice rink from previous winters – no doubt that will be a lot of fun for EVERYONE there……enjoy those walks and always remember to take that camera – you really do capture the most beautiful vistas and sights in your neck of the world!!

    Holiday Hugs, Pam


    1. Thank you Pam.
      Yes, that rink has become a source of winter entertainment for not only our little family but now others in the community as well. Makes my husband’s heart swell as you can imagine. Todd and I both agree that a person should make the best of whatever season they happen to be in and if it’s something they love, well then all the better! It’s not like you can make it less humid or less cold right? Fussing about it only makes it worse and more miserable…for everyone! I learned that one complaining about the Midwest summer heat. I don’t do that anymore because I disliked it when others fussed about what little snow we get in the winter.

      My humble opinion is this: Unless you have the means and strong desire to relocate, the snow and cold temps allow us all to “GO OUTSIDE and PLAY because it’s WINTER people – Disliking it probably makes it seem to last even longer. You can’t make it go away so you might as well make the best of it and if you accidentally end up loving it as we do well then…Yea!! :)

      Holiday Hugs back at ya!

      p.s. I do my very best (now) to apply my own “logic” to the humidity in summer and you know what I found? Yup, it’s not nearly as bad as it was before! Amazing ;)


  2. I love all of your pictures. The tree in the snow and fog could be on a card. It is just fabulous! Whenever I see ice skating on television I think of you. Living in the south, even when the ponds ice over, it normally isn’t thick enough for skating on. I have never been on a pair of ice skates in my life, although we did drive to one of the snow skiing resorts we’ve skied at on occasion when they opened theirs. They ran out of skates just as I got to the counter and said the rink was at capacity. My husband said it was a gift from God as I don’t roller skate well either. LOL.


    1. Thank you Renee for your kind words!
      You think of us?! How cool is that? Whenever I watch ice skating on TV I think what I’ve always thought, “Man I wish I could do that!”
      Your funny story and what your husband said about your skating reminds me of a story of my own…
      Where I grew up in North Idaho, unlike my husband who grew up in MinneSNOWta had ice rinks and good pond ice everywhere, we occasionally, usually the month of March, had just enough ice to skate on down in our lower pasture. Funny thing is, we had to hop over the grass here and there to get anywhere, but I *thought* I was pretty good regardless.

      Okay, so fast forward a few years and my then boyfriend, now husband, took me skating in his hometown. It was my first real rink. OH MY GOSH! I had no idea ice was so stinkin’ slick. I quickly learned I had no idea how to skate at all. My claims of “Heck ya. Sure, I know how to skate” were quickly proved otherwise! I had a death grip on him just about the whole entire time. It’s a joke around here that “Mother only skates on the non-slick ice”. If you ever get another chance to go skating, go for the hockey stakes. They’re ugly yes, but the ankle support is out of this world and that’s just what us NON-Skaters need. ;)
      Thanks Renee for bringing back such wonderful and funny memories!


  3. Hmmmm…..well evidently I was “unsubscribed” from your blog posts too – because I didn’t get a notice about this one! So glad I just happened to stop by. Your photos are amazing…each one; it would be impossible to pick a favorite. Hope everyone had fun at the game last night!


    1. Me too! I hope I can get it figured out as it’s not a habit of mine to look at the “WordPress Reader” thing. But then I guess if I can’t I’d better make it a habit. I feel like I’ve missed an awful lot.
      Thanks for your kind words as always and that you liked the pictures.
      Yup, I think they had a great time.


          1. So true ~d. Feeling all nostalgic tonite.. :) It was great on that pond until I skated face first into a young tree. Made for great laughs.. :D Your post brought it back. Hope you are having a wonderful December evening.


          2. Oh no! :) I bet teenagers as they are/were you took some kidding for that. Good times I can only imagine.
            We are having a very nice nite! Fire going, waiting for the hockey game on TV to start and its been snowing all day. An awesome day here. I hope you’re having a wonderful winter evening too!


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