Winter Classic


What we gave each other for Christmas this year. Also how we will be ringing in the new year tomorrow!

How are YOU ringing in the new year tonight/tomorrow?

Happy 2014 friends and family.

P.S. Find the game on TV tomorrow at 1pm if you can, after the Rose Parade of course! But hey, don’t bother looking for us. We will be under so many layers of clothes and winter gear we’ll be unrecognizable, probably even to each other!


6 thoughts on “Winter Classic

  1. Oh I hope you have an incredibly fun time – it’s a great way to spend the end of the old and the start of the new year. We’ll be home – in front of the fireplace, sipping some champagne and going to bed early as usual. We old folks really know how to PAR-TAY! Here’s to a fabulous new year Dee….for you and the family…..

    Happy New Year
    Hugs, Pam and Sammy


  2. Well, have fun and stay warm! We’ll be spending our New Year’s Eve at home….hopefully staying awake long enough to watch the 10:00 news!
    Happy New Year to you and yours!


  3. D……Thank You for a view of your tickets……I know of your hockey game in Ann Arbor……WOW!
    Have fun…..brrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    I stayed up till 12.30 New Year’s eve……go girl!

    Today New Years Day I am driving along the lake looking for Eagles but my destination is the herd of
    Elk Clark Fork…..60-100 head that a farmer is feeding ALFALFA! I will take you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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