New Year–New Chapter!

Two chubby horses and one skinny "kid" to balance it all out!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Over the past couple of years I’ve taken to sending out New Years cards in lieu of Christmas ones and above is what the front of this years looked like.  I just mailed them a few days ago and most people should have them by now.

Many of you have no doubt noticed I wasn’t around much of last year to post to my own blog or visit anyone else’s.  The first half of the year I was in and out of Idaho a few times, all busy with ranch sitting for a couple different places right on through late spring.  And then the end of June to the end of August I was preoccupied, mega-happy, content, tired, pitching-in and holding down a deck chair at Stillwater Ranch.

September and the rest of fall came and went but still I was pretty much absent.  I had a lot on my mind and that leads me to what I wrote on the back of those cards.


New Year – New Chapter for us Radermachers – We’re Moving!

Todd is headed back to the Budweiser West Coast Hitch on

January 27th, 2014

Wishing you and yours all the best in the year ahead!

d, Todd & Jake

{Photo taken New Year’s Day 2013}

In loving memory of Jake’s “Smoke” horse who we lost November 2013

We’re excited to start the new year off a new adventure as my husband goes back out on the road with the horses.  Or maybe I should say, “an old, new adventure”.  At any rate, please excuse yet more of my sporadic absence around here while I continue to devote myself to four things:  boxes, tape, scissors and a Sharpie!

*Know this though:  I will be back.  And I’ll be around.  Probably only Instagram-ing when it hits me.  Hey, I can’t “NOT” take pictures.  If you want, you can check the sidebar for recent photos posted on Instagram as it updates automatically – though you have to “click” the picture if you want a caption.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.  We look forward to “seeing” you down the road in 2014!



17 thoughts on “New Year–New Chapter!

  1. Well…. I guess we proscrastinated and missed our chance to visit you in Michigan…. (sniff, sniff). But maybe we can come visit at your “new digs”! Looking forward to pictures, as always!


  2. I am so excited for you and your family Dee…..that’s very exciting and I know a BIG change for you all. I missed you while you were “sporadically” around last year and will certainly miss you as you move into another “sporadic” period due to this change (!!) but I will certainly love hearing from you when you have a chance. I wish you tons of HAPPY……and it sounds like you’ll be getting it. :)

    Hugs, Pam (and of course Sam)


    1. Thank you Pam! We’re pretty excited ourselves.
      I do miss my “normal” routine of years past of weekly blogging and daily interacting with you all but things have a habit of not staying the same. I know that’s good thing and I’m not complaining one bit.
      I look forward to new routines and I know it’ll be fun to get into a new “normal”!
      Take care, stay warm and dry….




    GOOD LUCK………………………..DOT


    1. Thank you! The West Coast hitch is based in Fort Collins, Colorado now. When it moved, quite a while back, the breeding farm didn’t follow but relocated to a rural area outside St. Louis.
      Jake and I are going to “land” back in Shipshe where he’ll finish out Jr. and Sr. year there…I knew he wouldn’t pick a “foreign” school out west – darn it! ;) This is good, as he has buddies there and they’ve been texting up a storm lately. I’ll let you know when the horses get close to you so you and C and go say “hey”. Love ya.


      1. Oh, how fun for Jake! I was thinking it would suck for him to have to change schools at this point in his high school life! So glad it will be an easy transition. Colorado! Wow, that will be fun. Better than St. Louis! :) Well I can’t wait to hear/see the new chapter unfold. :) Love ya back!


  4. Hey, Fort Collins is near the home of my heart, the front range foothills above Denver, where we lived for most of my adult life! Great part of the country! But of course, you already know that. Our daughter graduated from CSU, so I’m a bit familiar with that part of the state too. Congratulations on the big move. I hope it goes smoothly, and I’ll look forward to seeing you whenever you have a chance to post! ~ Sheila


    1. I lived in Fort Collins from about 1988-1991, loved it. It’s where I got my real-estate license and where I also never sold a thing! The state was in the tank about then – figures. Anyhow, wonderful college town and I sure loved all the sunshine.
      Thanks, we’re about settled in and I’m seeing some free time on the horizon to get caught up on my blog posting!


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