"Hollywood" Spotted in Riverside


On the Bud Hitch back in the 90’s they called him Todd Rod, they even called me Dee Rod because, lets face it, saying one syllable is way better than four. But long before that, in the ’80’s, about the time I met him, Todd was teasingly dubbed “Hollywood” by the guys he worked with on the Coors Belgian Hitch. This was simply because he was constantly making the local papers wherever they went.
So jumping back to 2014 it comes as no surprise (not to me anyway) that he made the press his first week back with the West Coast hitch.  As I sit here I’m chuckling and shaking my head, thinking, “How does he do it?”

Way to go Todd Rod, you still got it.

Fun article in link below, because it’s not all about my “pretty” great husband.

The Press-Enterprise of Riverside


14 thoughts on “"Hollywood" Spotted in Riverside

  1. Thanks for this post. Fun to see what is happening with “Mr. Hollywood”! How exciting for the Butler’s and their neighbors!


  2. Oh my gosh………………a January move and already back to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bonnie and I visited the Seaworld location in the early 90’s. The big horses and their crew were there.
    Very fun…….are you in Riverside?

    Have SNOW, cold and ice here……………..are you coming home?


    1. Yes, a week to move and get us settled in Indiana and he was off and running!
      The early 90’s? Todd set that hitch up in the early nineties and we lived there for about nine months or so…not sure exactly what year that was now. It was 1990-something! ;)
      Good to hear from you Dottie, I’ll email you soon.


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