Good Things Recently…


My little boy turned 18 years old a couple of Sunday’s ago.  What’s pictured above is many, many Sunday’s ago though it feels like it’s only been eighteen weeks.



The boy wanted Cake and Ice Cream, hold the Cake, so that’s what he got.


My little bay Quarter-horse, Indy has settled back into the countryside of Indiana, though he doesn’t recall winters being this deep the last time he lived here!


Shelby, our Lab-Boxer mix, also doesn’t remember the snow being so deep in these parts but has no complaints.  She’s doing pretty good for an old girl of almost fourteen years old.  One thing is for certain, she can’t hardly wait to get started on the rodent extermination in the fields and nearby stream.  God help us, she’s already come up out of the deep snow with an unlucky mole just a couple days ago.


Proof of how deep and drifted it’s been here.  I think it’s awesome of course, as does Jake.  He took me for a drive in his big red truck a couple weeks ago to show me all the great drifts around here.  This was an especially deep/tall one up the road about a couple miles.


When I posted this picture to my Facebook wall and on Instagram my mother said, “A good day not to be Amish”.  Funny.  But make no mistake, they’re warm in there.  An Amish friend of mine tells me that some have little propane heaters and that back in “the olden days” she would just fill up rinsed out plastic milk jugs with real hot water and place them at everyone’s feet.  She said it worked great.  So… if your heater ever goes out in your rig there’s a tip for ya!



This abnormal snow development for Northern Indiana has been a blessing in disguise for this mother of eighteen years.  Why?  Because the child young man has had snow removal responsibilities to take his mind off all the things he left behind up in Michigan.  There for a while, he was fulfilling his responsibilities sometimes twice a day.

As Martha Stewart is famous for saying, “It’s a good thing”.  Chores of any sort are a “good thing” in my book.


Here’s another “good thing” that’s been happening recently.  I’m thankful for it every morning.

And oh!  My husband is coming home this coming week for five days.  This was decided very recently and the only possible downside is:  I won’t be driving to Colorado as planned.  And that’s because the commercial they were going to shoot isn’t going to happen as scheduled.  Darn.  Well, there will be a next time for sure in that regard.

I hope you all are experiencing or are looking for “good things” in your lives too!



19 thoughts on “Good Things Recently…

  1. I’m always happy to see a post from you. Love your photos, as always, especially the Amish buggy, and that last pic is GORGEOUS!
    Glad to hear you’re all setttling in well!


  2. Wow…..your baby is 18….now that IS a major landmark in life! That’s a huge amount of snow – makes me ashamed for whining about ours! Love the photos D……glad to hear life is treating you well…..think about you lots….miss your photos but that last one above ALMOST makes up for it! IT’s a “doozy” !

    Big Hugs, Pam


  3. Love the photo of the Amish buggy!!!!!!!!! I have always lived in the NW and I have never seen one! You
    are sooooo blessed to live in such a great place with lots of snow. Bonnie visited the Parnell’s and really
    liked their new babies…………..come visit………..ha, ha!


    1. Well hi ya Dot Dot Dot!
      Never ever? Oh my gosh. The first time I saw one was when Todd brought me out to this very area on the way to the 1987 Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. Amazing and now we’ve lived here…uh…three times! You know what they say, “Third time’s a… ;)
      I hope to be out there this summer again.
      Love ya Dot and stay dry!


  4. Love the photos, especially the last one. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on your son’s birthday! That’s a big one! And I always say, “A busy kid is a good kid!” Sound like your philosophy too! ~ Sheila


  5. Good to see a post d! I get the biggest kick out of the Cake and Ice Cream no Cake!! Cute photo too. Happy Belated Birthday to your Boy! Gorgeous last photo, I think that little pine is leaning in photobombing!


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