Two Month Mark


Today marks exactly two months since my husband went back to work for the Budweiser West Coast Hitch.

Two months and one week ago today we closed the doors on two horse trailers that moved all our household, garage and barn type stuff back down to Shipshewana in Northern Indiana.

*The horse, tractor and ‘71 Ford went two weeks before.





Shipshewana is where we moved from when we’d moved to Michigan seven short years ago.  It’s where we moved to when my husband came off the road with the WCH back in January 1998.

“Shipshe” is, as you can see, an Amish community and one of the largest in Northern Indiana.  Maybe in Indiana period, but that’s just a guess, I’m not sure.



Indiana CB Charger, (better known as Indy) my Quarter-Horse, grew up right here.  He came as a surprise to me, when he was just a few months old and newly weaned off his mother.  All nameless, snug in loose straw and the only animal on a friends cattle semi, clear from North Idaho.



I believe time does fly.  He’s fourteen this year and big boy now…


and is still of the opinion that he is a “big deal”.  Attitude is good.  I like it.

Speaking of time flying and a big deal, that’s my baby coming up the driveway in his truck.  That baby just turned 18.  We moved here from Idaho when he was two years old!  Just.  Not.  Possible.


Though my horse may think he’s a ‘big deal’, here’s what he really is:  A shedding machine, as all his winter hair starts cutting loose.  It’s a sign of Spring for sure and it was about mid-February when I started seeing it begin to roll off.  It’ll be good to “see” my horse again.

Another sign of Spring?


Diminishing snow.  It doesn’t take long once it starts to go does it?  I guess though, if you are anxious for it to leave, it can’t happen soon enough.  Me?  You all know I’m not in that camp.  Nope, and not just because I love the white stuff.  Maybe because I’m starting to feel my age but I have to say, I’m content to not wish the present away or have the slightest desire for time to speed up.  After all, the last two months have flown by fast enough.

“…we concentrate/live too much in the past and in the future.  What’s challenging for us all is living and staying in the now/the present…”  ~a wise, dear friend of mine


20 thoughts on “Two Month Mark

  1. Im glad things are going good for you down there! I will miss riding with you but I have good memories and pictures of our good times together


  2. Sounds to me like you’re “re-established” back in Shipsie with a smile on your face and “happy” in your heart. Time marches on and changes come and go but if you can keep the “happy” it’s ALLLL good. So glad to hear from you – moving is a pain but once it’s done – it’s….well…..done!

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


    1. Glad to hear from you too Pam.
      Been thinking bout ya. You must know you’re my blogging hero…you posting, commenting, etc. while packing up your house *and* trying to sell your house! I couldn’t walk, chew gum and wield the tape gun at the same time. And ya, once it’s done it’s done…till the next time;) But boy does it feel awesome to be done for now.
      Happy, happy to you – Be well.


      1. Thanks D…….we’ve been here for 18 years and it’s the only home Sammy’s known…..BUT it’s all a big adventure isn’t it (life) and I’m ready to tackle it just like you guys did. Part of the journey and I’m gonna hang in there! Glad everything is good for you – I was hoping it was…….BIG HUGS!



  3. Time really does seem to fly by. It seems like you guys just got back here and now you are starting your journey back west. Just a few extra steps along the way. Will be interesting to see where the grandson settles down.


  4. Hey, sounds like you’ve settled in to your new/old spot in the world! I know moving can be hard, but sounds like you’ve learned how to handle it gracefully! Love the photos of your horse! And like you, I’m learning not to wish my life away being impatient for the next season to hurry up and arrive! ~ Sheila


    1. Thank you Sheila and it’s good to hear from you.
      Time seems to go by so fast already doesn’t it? I guess it’s all in our perception, change that and well, it changes a lot of things!
      Have a great rest of the weekend.


  5. All is flat there/////////////not used to that and I can’t SPELL Shipshawana…………ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!1 How was it when Todd came home for a visit. Love your photos always!!!!!!!!


    1. I know it is soooo flat. I miss the pine trees too that are a part of the Michigan landscape – it reminded me of Idaho. (I knew I’d miss it as it was one of the things I loved about it up there). Ah well, one must find other things to love about a place and man do they have some awesome driving horses here. The Dutch Warmbloods have really gotten popular since we’ve been gone. It’s so cool to see them hooked and driving around the community.
      It was wonderful to have him around if only for a few days.
      Thanks Dot.


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