The Wait Is About Over!


Hi!  How are ya? 

Me?  I’m great and a super excited girl because in less than twenty-four hours I’m Portland, Oregon bound!

I’ll be driving out to join up with the West Coast Budweiser hitch for most of the summer tour and I’m slightly stoked about it.  Being with my husband Todd again is going to be such great fun.  You see, we haven’t seen a lot of each other since his first day of work,  January 27th.  Well, hardly at all.  We did have an impromptu four day visit in March and a scheduled weeks vacation in April, both of which were here in Indiana.  So, ya I’m extra excited to be going west for the summer this year!

*If you need to catch up with what’s going on with us, try this link:  New Year, New Chapter it explains why we aren’t in Northern Michigan any longer.

*And since I’m throwing around the italicized  “look at me, I’m important!” notes here I want to say, “Yes, my “About” page is still in need of updating”.  I’ve got a rough draft in the works and all I need is a couple long stretches of hotel room time to get it done!

So what about Jake?  Aside from the simple fact that the little buggar is practically my whole world?  Well, school lets out for him this Wednesday and he’s already been working (since the end of April) at the crop dusting business that he was employed at last summer.  We tried our darnedest to convince him to come west for at least a week or two and we’d fly him back to Indiana but he declined saying he’d really rather not and just get straight to work. 

His dad and I weren’t all that surprised but for a split second I thought I had him on board.  Nope.  I even threatened to pick his 6’ 3” body up and stuff him in his baby car-seat and strap him down.  He had the nerve to laugh at me.  He then said, “I’ll find a car-seat because I’d like to see you try”.  I don’t know why he doesn’t mind as good as he used to.  He is all of eighteen, a High School Senior this coming school year, so what’s a mom to do?

This was the two of them on Todd’s last day of work with Bud, January 1, 1998.  My baby boy was just two months shy of turning two years old when I took this picture of them.  About five days later we drove out to the Mid-west and we’ve been here ever since!  Crazy.  Total craziness.  For me it’s really taught and driven home the old saying NOTHING lasts forever.  So even if you totally loathe something try and find the good in it somehow because, baby, it ain’t gonna last forever.  Nothing ever does.


I was hoping to do a new photo of the two of them now that Todd is back out with the hitch, but I guess that’ll have to wait for another time.

In other news, I took two weeks back in April to fly home to Idaho to look for property.  I’m moving home as soon as next year and I can’t hardly contain my (probably) irritating excitement!  Oh my gosh, I’ve missed the mountains and “my people”!  Yahoo!!  I may be way past stoked.

Here’s one of the pieces of property I have my eye on and  I’m looking forward to showing it to Todd when we’re in the area right after Portland.


For friends and family in the Northwest, here’s the WCH schedule for June:

  • Portland, Oregon 2-8
  • Spokane, Washington 8-15

For July, but not confirmed as of yet, is Bonners Ferry, Idaho <insert OH YA!> on or about the 3rd week of July.  I will update as I get more info.

Have a great week everyone!


8 thoughts on “The Wait Is About Over!

  1. Oh how nice to hear from you! Very exciting that you’re going to be on the circuit with Todd and I know that makes your heart happy……Jake’s doing the crop-dusting thing which he obviously loves and I’m SURE you’ll get to see him at some point while you’re gallivanting around the countryside! That photo of Jake and his Dad from “back then” is absolutely precious – two guys sharing a moment – just priceless. I hope you have a blast this summer with the West Coast hitch and your hubby. That land you’ve got your eye on is GORGEOUS and I hope THAT happens for you too! In fact, I hope it’s a totally incredible summer period…….

    Sending hugs…….from me AND Sam!


  2. Good news all around for you! Wishing that all goes your way. That is a beautiful picture you have up there of the property you have your eye on. Darling picture of Jake and his Dad!!! Glad you and your Hubby will be together!


  3. All good news from YOU! Wow………Lake Oswego, Oregon is my home town…..sooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know you will be there for the ROSE FESTIVAL PARADE……….an awesome event.

    So excited for YOU!

    When YOU are in Idaho this summer You will have to “come see me” as I will be home recuperating
    from back surgery. Bonnie has a new mule and a new pup……..come see them!

    Love ya and happy travels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


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