All You Need Is Love


For those that don’t follow my Instagram feed…I’m home!

I’m home and I’m all done clearing camera cards, backing up pictures to a couple of external hard-drives, hugging my 18 year old “kid” (Actually, I’m not done doing that), petting the dog, loving on my horse, unpacking, re-storing things into the storage unit and scratching my heading wondering how in the world I got back here – nine weeks, four days and over 9963 miles later.

My Summer Tour break down:

Shipshewana, IN to Portland 2240
Portland – Mt Saint Helens 143
Portland – Sagle, ID 421
Sagle – Spokane (6 times) 336
Sagle – Deer Lodge, MT 274
Deer Lodge – Fort Collins 796
Fort Collins – Breckenridge 141
Breckenridge via Rocky Mountain National Park – Fort Collins 152
Fort Collins – Cheyenne 45
Cheyenne – Fort Collins 45
Fort Collins – Dubois, WY 420
Dubois – Idaho Falls, ID 176
Idaho falls – Sandpoint, ID 527
Sandpoint – Copeland, ID (4 times) 240
Sandpoint – Eugene, OR 539
Eugene – Seal Rock Beach 200
Eugene – Sandpoint 539
Sandpoint – Deer Lodge, MT 268
Deer Lodge – Jackson Hole, WY 336
Jackson Hole – Deer lodge 306
Deer Lodge – Casper WY 542
Casper – Lincoln, NE 626
Lincoln – Shipshewana 651

It didn’t feel like that many miles.

Is it weird that I love to drive – a lot?

I love the changing scenery. I love the constant photographic opportunities.  I love early mornings out on the road…just me and a few semi’s and the occasional car.  I love the quiet.

Speaking of love…



My niece, my husband and a great big beautiful horse.  Love.



This niece of mine is maybe, quite possibly more horse crazy than I was at her age.



She loves horses.  And this guy?  He pretty much loves a good neck scratching.



He also loves a gentle petting from a sweet little girl.

I’m really looking forward to sharing the love of horses on a regular basis with her in the very near future!

Peace and love,



6 thoughts on “All You Need Is Love

  1. Hi D! So very wonderful to hear from you and know that you’re at long last home…sounds like you have had a terrific summer though – the photos are just lovely. I’ve missed you!

    Hugs, Pam (and Old Sam)


  2. Oh, you are a wonderful lover….ha, ha! Semis….me too……!

    I was at Lifecare in physical therapy when you were here…….darn.

    I totally missed you and yours…..all those big four leggeds.

    Feeling better…..called for YOU the day You drove to Jackson Hole.

    Talked to your handsome Dad……..said he was cooking dinner,

    what a good Dad.


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