Baths and Cold Pizza


2014 was full of travel for me and how blessed I was…am! I was able to go back out West more times than I can remember and lately it’s been by way of plane.


Jake, my almost 19-year-old “kid”, has come along on this trip out west. Way out west to Pasadena for the 126th tournament of Roses Parade. The boy, not being much of a tourist or sightseer, likes to have something constructive to do, always has. (See above photo taken this afternoon. Ha.)




Above pictures taken as the horses were being readied for tomorrow mornings appearance. Each one was washed from top to bottom, even behind the ears and then….


Each one was dressed in their PJ’s, fed supper and put to bed. Since we have a 3 a.m. “leave the hotel time” in the morning, I too have been dressed in my PJ’s, fed supper and put to bed. Not necessarily in that order, I may have stuffed my face with take-out pizza first and brushed my teeth. I don’t think any of those geldings brush or floss…okay, it’s not like they need to. Dental hygiene isn’t an issue in equines. Yet.
I’m rambling and stalling…

I hope you all are having a safe night and join us in the morning, with or without your hangovers to watch the 2015 Rose Parade…We can have cold pizza together!

Goodnight and Happy New Year!


14 thoughts on “Baths and Cold Pizza

  1. It is so nice to see you Dee:) I am so excited to watch tomorrow….the U of O game has my attention…and so do the Clydesdales…how cool of a trip to make with them:) I am envious as it would be such an adventure and I am always up for an adventure with horses:) Happy New Years to you and yours:)


    1. Hi HRC! It was fantastic and so great to be back. I see your Ducks won… By a lot too. πŸ˜‰ I dont really “do” football but because of a family relative I always root for OH! IO! (Ohio). So with the Sugar Bowl playing here in the hotel room, I’m hoping they see Oregon in the Championship game. πŸ˜‰
      Happy 2015 to you and your Juniper Canyon gang!!


  2. Nice to get a New Year’s Day post from out your way! I’ll be watching the parade and it will be a thrill to know those beautiful Clydes are there because of you guys…..speaking of guys, that adorable little boy of yours is now a handsome young man – where does the time go??? Sending love and hugs for you all in the new year……….

    Pam and Sammy


  3. CH and I are going to be watching ~d! We talked about you last night at wine time and we felt happy to know that you, Todd, and Jake would be at the parade and we actually “knew” someone there with the Clyde hitch.. Yay!!! Happy New Year’s Day.. see you on Instagram!


  4. I will be watching the parade only because I may catch a glimpse of your beautiful face! So glad you had a great year and its looking good for you to have a even better 2015!

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