Then & Now

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The year was 1998.  The day was January 1st and it was my husband Todd’s last moments on the West Coast Budweiser Clydesdale traveling team.  We all just had a real long day of doing the Tournament of Roses Parade.  But, before we all went back to the hotel for the night a picture was taken to mark that momentous occasion.

Our baby Jake was two months shy of turning 2 years old and . One day later the three of us were driving to the Midwest towards our new life as a “normal family” the mention of normal> so he could essentially be a full time dad to that little boy.




This past Thursday, January 1st, 2015, marked the return 17 years later to the day and do you think this girl could let a Kodak Moment like that pass her by?  H…E…double hockey sticks, NO!  So again, just like in 1998, before we all went back to the hotel for the night, the crew graciously gathered for a picture.

(Thanks you guys!  It meant and means a lot to me).

We’re back and so blessed to be!  That little boy Jake is now two months shy of being 19 years old and will graduate high school this May.  Pictured is the exact location as the ‘98 photo, the LA Equestrian Center at Griffith Park, but with an all new crew.  Jake’s Godfather, “Big Lou”, was on the Ranch crew at the Breeding Farm/West Coast Hitch home base back in 1998 when it was still in Southern California.  Now Lou is on the West Coast Hitch and pictured above standing to the right of Jake and I.

Since these boys are in the news and have their names published in every newspaper all over the West Coast and beyond I’m sure they aren’t going to mind if I list their names…

Left to right:

Jim, Zach, Chris, Louis (or Lou, or Bobby, or Hey YOU!), Todd, Doug and Jon.

Not sure where the Dalmatian, “Chip”, was for the picture.  He may have been sound asleep in the semi or a box stall.

The very best of wishes to you all for a fantastic year ahead.  We are all looking forward to it with great anticipation!

Your friend loving the snow and 10 degree weather here in Indiana,



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