It’s January!

Yep. January!
This is what -9 (-32 windchill) looks like from inside the house. I just wanted to share!
So, with two-thirds of the U.S. in major cold mode, I was wondering, what’s it like where you’re at?


16 thoughts on “It’s January!

  1. It is one, 1, uno degree in my bit of Missouri this morning. I can’t even think about the windchill. My toes are freezing and I am on the couch under two beach towels.. I use them for blankets. Nice texture shootin’ through the screen! I am getting very attached to The Trifecta of Trees.
    Good Morning!


          1. Yes, I understand. We are thinking of moving from The Tiny Ten to a more populated area and a subdivision. Still thinking.. it will be very hard. BUT good food and things to do will be right at our door! And closer to family. You stay warm too, maybe a glass of wine this afternoon!


    1. A foot!? Wish we’d get that much, it would really help insulate some round here. As it is we’ve only got about 2″. Are those F degrees or C degree readings up at your moms? Bet that’s F. Stay cozy, enjoy your books!


  2. Yikes…..well, it was eight degrees here yesterday morning but a balmy 28 here today. We are all in a really DEEP freeze aren’t we? All we can do is bundle up if we HAVE to go out and snuggle in when we’re inside (which is my favorite). I’m with you on the tea/day and wine/night thing (as Pix knows!). I think snow is in our forecast for next week again but so far we’ve only had about three inches of that white stuff this winter so I can’t REALLY complain (or can I??).

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)

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    1. Yes, deep freeze…looks like most of the U.S. is getting another super cold winter. More layers of clothes, double socks, more blankets…tea, books, inside projects, snow shoeing and a bit of wine! I love winter!!


      1. Hi and thank YOU for sharing!

        A mild winter for Sandpoint….light snow but all is frozen!!!!!!
        Two cow elk were recently pulled out of frozen water up at
        Bonners Ferry…….it’s a good thing

        Love ya, Dot


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