Throwback Thursday


This is our baby boy Jake’s three month-old picture.  It’s one family is familiar with and one I’ve shared here on my blog before.  I love it.

I thought it was fitting to follow yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday picture of Jake, taken on New Years Eve of him holding the collar with this one.



Clearly, throughout his time spent on the road traveling with the Budweiser Team (you’re welcome Jake) he had his little self set in the collar for a picture at various stages of his baby-hood.  Making sure he stays safe and doesn’t fall out of the collar is Dad on his left and Godfather Louis on his right.

Also note that Miss Michelob is keeping him entertained and distracted while Mama snaps the picture – fast.


1DSC_0443_4x6 2015 todd jake louis

And here…eighteen and a half years later, this past New Years Eve, we’ve got Dad and Louis his Godfather, once again flanking him.  More this time to make sure he minds his mother by posing for the picture while she snaps the photo.

You’re welcome Jake.


3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Oh I remember seeing that 3-month photo on your blog before and just LOVE it too……what a precious little guy he WAS and what a handsome young man he’s become. I know you’re proud of him……….

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


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