I hope everyone had a good weekend. It was a good one here – As always. 


Late afternoon Saturday, Jake returned to Indiana from his Spring Break vacation in Northern Michigan.  

(Yeah!  I’ve missed my boy). 

He brought back some of that good Glenview Farms hay and unloaded it for us first thing Sunday morning. 


Thirty bales didn’t take very long.   


Well, I didn’t think it took very long, but then I wasn’t the one unloading it into the barn.  There was a time…. But, I won’t go there. 

You know what though? 

I managed to find the broom and swept up afterwards. 

Teamwork baby. Teamwork.  

**Thanks Jake!**


6 thoughts on “Teamwork

  1. I am happy Jake is back! You can make unloading and stacking square bales, I know I can’t see the stacking but I know he did it, you can make it look beautiful with your pictures! It is beautiful, now I think it could be very zen. I couldn’t lift a square bale anymore!

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